A friend in Matlock

  Les 22:47 20 Feb 2007

has now decided to purchase an Advent 7113 Laptop from Currys.

Does anyone have any experience of this laptop - it's specs and price appear good - but is it? It has Vista Premium installed which should suit a novice (and that I'm sorry to say is what she will probably remain 8-( )

  Diemmess 18:17 21 Feb 2007

.... but your thread needs a bump and the only comment I can make is purely subjective and influenced by past experience.

So on those grounds I would be uneasy buying from Comet (with Dixons having merged)

Any computer and particularly a Laptop may develop a fault in its early stages.
If this is soon after purchase some firms are more ready to swop for replacement.
As the weeks roll on the chances of instant replacement diminish and the out-sourced repair outfits may come into play.

I have the feeling that Comet are not the most cooperative in having any fault corrected quickly and the new gizmo may spend a long time away being fixed!

I hope I am wrong on this, but that is how I would react - if my "friend from Matlock" had asked me.

  oresome 18:46 21 Feb 2007

"I hope I am wrong on this........"

You're certainly wrong on the Comet bit. Friend from Matlock is looking to buy from Currys!

  pj123 18:47 21 Feb 2007

Diemmess, where did Comet come from?

We are talking Curry's not Comet.

  Les 20:11 21 Feb 2007

I agree with your views on Comet albeit that I quoted Curry's (Dixons have now become Currys Digital - at least that is so in Wolverhamton). I often listen to a local radio station where a certain Mr. Ed Doolan is often asked to intervene in a dispute with Comet - usually, because of the coverage a radio station generates the matter is resolved immediately.

I too am uneasy about her getting a laptop from an electrical store - the quoted '1 year Guarantee' is not very helpful really - what is it - '1 year at home, return to manufacturer, to supplier' - what?

The specs are just right for her - unfortunately, she wouldn't have a clue should something go wrong I will go over to my local Curry store tomorrow and check the computer out, in particular that guarantee.

pj123 and oresome:

Almost snap in your postings <g> Although Diemness got the supplier's name wrong he's quite correct in his views - you do indeed have to show caution when buying from multiproduct stores. She (my friend) is a 75 year timid woman and I fear that she is easy meat for some salesman more interested in commission than customer satisfaction. I sincerely hope that my fear proves to be unfounded.

  Dizzy Bob 00:14 22 Feb 2007


A couple of points.

1. Sales staff in Currys no longer recieve individual commission.

2. The guarantee will be RTB, If a hardware fault develops, the unit would be collected by courier, repaired, and couriered back to to the customer. (obviously at no cost)

The warranty work id carried out by 'The Tech Guys' who are basically the service division of Dixons Stores Group. They also carry out the service for PC World stores.

Whist I appreciate your apprehension about buying from a chain, but at least they are likely to be there if you have a problem!

The Advent 7113 is a fairly new machine, launched on Vista launch day. Whilst basic, I would suggest it will happily manage novice level use.

Hope this helps.


  wee eddie 00:45 22 Feb 2007

but nothing much wrong with Advent as a branded Manufacturer. Not cutting edge like Mesh, Rock or Acer but a trooper none the less.

My 2007 still trucks along. Needed a bit more RAM and it's not exactly speedy but it does all the Office work with ease and, barring accidents, will probably do so for the next 3-4 years. No sweat.

  Diemmess 09:28 22 Feb 2007

Yes, oh yes I meant Currys ....... and from the hopefully changed customer services, my comments should be discarded.

At least my post kicked this thread alive.

  wee eddie 09:55 22 Feb 2007

There are a huge number of satisfactory outcomes as well as a few unsatisfactory ones.

Curries & Comet shift vast numbers of Computers, so it is not that surprising that a few people have had unsatisfactory service.

As to the maintenance guarantees that are offered. They are probably overpriced but to the inexperienced, can be very helpful.

  anchor 10:48 22 Feb 2007

Its also available from PC World

click here

  Les 11:52 22 Feb 2007

"Sales staff in Currys no longer receive individual commission"
I'm glad to hear about the commission system being dropped, presumably, as you say 'individual' they have a commission based on total sales?

" The guarantee will be RTB, If a hardware fault develops, ........"
That's good to hear - she should have no trouble doing that <g>

"Whist I appreciate your apprehension ....... "
Point taken.

Thanks for your reply, very informative and appreciated.

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