Freeview with a sky plus box

  User-757B41D6-8A62-4BF7-892C7427ED5865CB 14:17 03 Jan 2008

I've just moved house and there is a satellite dish already installed. At my previous house I had a normal sky box and a freeview card so I didn't pay a monthly subscription. What I'd like to know is if I buy a sky plus box on ebay will I still be able to receive freeview channels using my freeview card and existing satellite dish?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

  Stuartli 15:08 03 Jan 2008

I could just be wrong, but I think you may be referring to a Freesat card. See:

click here

Freeview is digital terrestial television i.e. the digital signals are received via a standard television aerial.

Yes, that's what I have. Sorry I didn't know the proper terminology. It's a proper sky viewing card to be used with a sky box, although I only paid £25 for it but that was a few years ago. It's always worked fine on my old sky box and I've had no problems receiving free channels from sky. I just wanted to make sure it will work with a sky plus box before I buy one on ebay.

  tullie 15:38 03 Jan 2008

If its the free sky channels,i dont think you need a card anyway.

I didn't need a card up until about 2 years ago. Then I couldn't receive any channels so I phoned Sky and they sold me the freesat card so I can receive the free channels.

Thanks for the advice Beta. Any idea why it wouldn't work? Would I be able to record a channel on the hard drive to watch later though?

I don't really watch much tv so I don't want to pay a monthly subscription. The free channels have plenty to keep me entertained - as long as I can record them to watch when I want!

Hmmm well that's a bit crap! I would've thought the hard drive would record whatever channel the box is receiving...unless Sky have put some kind of lock on the box to stop it, which would be a bit sneaky!

  Stuartli 16:32 03 Jan 2008

Sky has more control over its subscribers than many of them are fully aware...:-)

  961 16:36 03 Jan 2008

As above, the Sky+ features are only available while a sky sub is being paid

In any event it will cost you nothing to use your existing box and card for the freesat channels

If you want a sky+ box you can often get one from Sky with a 12 month guarantee for less than you could buy one from a third party

961 - my existing box belonged to the house I was renting so I don't have it anymore. I thought seeing as I'll have to buy one anyway I might as well upgrade to sky+.

Beta - You said Sky+ functionality is now free? Is that only if I pay a channel subscription?

  961 19:06 03 Jan 2008

I have 2 dvd recorders with freeview tuners which I bought before I got Sky+

They are rarely used. The functionality and ease of use of the sky+ box really does change the way we watch tv

Sky freesat is a great way to go if you don't want to pay a monthly contribution. Although the price is set at £150, Sky often have a promotion of a system for £75 where you get a box and a card and some sky channels for 3 months. If you don't want to continue you keep the box and the card and the box becomes freesat. Since this box has a 12 month guarantee I really feel it's a no-brainer against something from a 3rd party

The other way to go is to find a friend who has moved house and retains the original sky box and card but has paid for a new installation at the new house. The original box and card will work as a freesat system (The card may need 24hrs to update). If you can find a friend with a box but no card you can buy the card for £20 from sky

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