freeview box`s

  bobbybluenose 22:15 30 Nov 2008

hi all just interested in what type of receiver do you have if any, and are you having problems with them .
cheers bobby

  tullie 22:50 30 Nov 2008

No probs,are you?

  Forum Editor 22:56 30 Nov 2008

from Speakers Corner.

  bobbybluenose 23:01 30 Nov 2008

yes big probs. wat box u got tulie

  tullie 23:33 30 Nov 2008

What problems are you having?

  natdoor 08:50 01 Dec 2008

Are you sure that the problem lies within the box and not with the input signal?

  lofty29 09:41 01 Dec 2008

Hi, We have several, only thing we make sure of is that they are switched off overnight as some of them overheat and freeze up, easily cured by just leaving them off for a few hours and reseting. Two of them cost £14, one £19, and one a freebie from Virgin, why have we so many you might ask, why throw away a couple of perfectly good tv's!!!!, also have one hooked up to the PC, and one to the DVD recorder.

  laurie53 10:00 01 Dec 2008

How many aerial amps do you need for that lot? lol

  bobbybluenose 10:41 01 Dec 2008

sound like you are a tv addict? lol

  lofty29 13:20 01 Dec 2008

Only the one power preamp/splitter in the loft
No not a tv addict, but my wife likes her soaps, which I cannot stand, and I like mindless violence which she cannot stand, spend more time on the PC or reading, than watching tv

  Esc4p3 15:41 01 Dec 2008

No problems here with my old Grundig GDT2000

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