Bazra 20:19 04 Mar 2003

This is an email I sent to Freeserve Anytime and the reply.

It is taking up to thirty minutes to connect, some times I give up! This
has been happening for about a month!

The odd thing is if I dial up on pay as you go it connects immediately!
Is this some sort of subliminal message to go broadband?

Thanking you in advance for your kind co-operation in this matter.


Although they did give good advice at the bottom of the email it stated the following…

"Getting what you want out of the Internet can now be up to 10 times
faster! Freeserve Broadband is now £27.99 a month and for a limited
time only, connection worth £65.00 is Free!"

Was I right?

  Templar1961 20:46 04 Mar 2003

I think you were right! My conection has been very slow at times lately. And then they have the audacity to put the price up?

Dear Freeserve AnyTime Member,

Freeserve AnyTime Price Change

We're writing to let you know that from the 25th March 2003, the monthly fee for Freeserve AnyTime will change to £14.99.

We're committed to providing you with a great value service for your money through
developments such as increased network capacity and adding to our wide range of Member
Benefits. So we're confident that Freeserve AnyTime still represents one of the best
value Internet service in the UK.

The price change will happen automatically on the 25th March 2003, so you don't need to
do anything. Plus, if you're taking advantage of one of our special offers at the
moment, you won't be charged the new price until your offer period ends.

What's more, you'll still receive all the other benefits you are enjoying right now as a
Freeserve AnyTime member. We're always looking at ways to make your Internet experience
even better, and even though we’ve won 3 consumer awards, including Computeractive's
Reader Awards for 'Best Internet Service Provider' we won't stop.

Please continue to enjoy the freedom of the Internet with Freeserve – the UK's No1 for the Internet.

Freeserve LDA

  sil_ver 21:00 04 Mar 2003

It doesn't seem that long ago that the price rose from £12.99 to £13.99. Once my son has sampled Tesco's (£12.99) and passed judgement I may well join him.

  Azzy 21:01 04 Mar 2003

I agree with you about the ridiculous charge price now appearing from Fresserve and the fact that the internet is so very slow with anytime. I have been very tempted to go for AOL or more than likely BT Openworld as, although slightly more expensive, you do get a quicker access to the internet and also it seems to have more options than Freeserve.

  he he :-) 21:08 04 Mar 2003

AOL is quite fast but u can't dial up using ie u have to use AOL browser but u can open ie after that. AOL has no cut off's and is unlimited access and not 150 hours. And u get 150 free when u join.

  wee eddie 21:09 04 Mar 2003

prices will tend to equalise.

So - You Freeserve folk - In six months or so, you will be limited to 150hours per month and be expected to pay £15.49pm

Its in the stars.

ISP for dial-up market has now become mature!!

  he he :-) 21:09 04 Mar 2003

And good content 2.

  simonp1 08:28 05 Mar 2003

Azzy, Aol is unlimted but it is not fast belive me, as for peak times bring your PCA mag to read while waiting. All i get from Aol now is bb adverts,and pop ups all over the place. Well im going to have bb in April once the exchange is finished, RIP 56k me thinks.

  Aspman 14:06 05 Mar 2003

I'm not so happy with Freeserve now either. I couldn't get anything going last night. It was taking 7 or 8 attempts to get connected then it was like their DNS servers were on the blink as every page I tried to open I got a Cannot be found / cannot open search page error. I was getting about one page every 10 minutes.

Not good.

  scooby43 14:57 05 Mar 2003

hi I have to agree freeserve has been frustrating to get connected and I too had the same problem that you have mentioned Aspman I havent had AOL how much do they charge per month and is it like freeserve anytime as I know with freeserve they have 2 hour cut off.


ps I am not trying to hijack your thread Bazra

  scooby43 14:58 05 Mar 2003

sorry I mean that freeserve has a 2 hour cut off

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