freeserve broadband deal??

  lelole 17:15 06 Feb 2004

I know which bb has been on discussion a lot already but was hoping you all would humour me...
I have just moved out of a telewest broadband area, and am already getting very fed up with dial up. I am not particularly flush at the mo because of the move, and am not particularly techie, and I saw this £15.99 for the first 3 months deal for Freeserve. I just wondered whether anybody had had any experience with them.

Having looked at the forums already, I see that their are a lot of others to choose from, but looking at a lot of them it seems that you would have to provide your own email address (not sure how to do that) and pay a lot up front....

What do people recommend - and does the isp make a huge amount of difference to speed? Was really pleased with telewest, and don't want to get stuck into a contract for something not much better than dial up...


  Dipso 21:54 06 Feb 2004

I can't comment from personal experience but check out their message board click here

Re- the providing your own email address thing, you can always sign up for a Hotmail or similar account and either configure it to be downloaded by Outlook or OE. Or you could sign up for a pay as you go ISP (which could always come in as a backup)and get a free email address which again could be configured with OE etc. Other than that, you could sign up for email services from something like this click here which is independant of your ISP.

If an ISP's service is working to it's maximum potential, you shouldn't notice a difference in speed between providers but I would do a bit of research click here and click here= before you make your choice. What suits one person, may not suit you.

The names that consistantly come up as "best" are Pipex, PlusNet, Elipse, Zen and Nildram.

Finally, if you are concerned about getting stuck in a contract with an unsatisfactory service, I would advise you look for a provider with a short period contract, they start from a minimum of 1 month. Use the links I provided to do a search for such suppliers.

  lelole 16:25 07 Feb 2004

Thanks very mcuh for that - I haven't made my decision yet, but that will help!!


  fitcher 17:25 07 Feb 2004

I find freeserve ok and use hotmail

  mikeyb48 09:04 08 Feb 2004

I'm with Pipex, it costs £17.57 to sign up ( which gives you the modem and 2 filters ) and its £23.44 a month after that.

Can't fault them at all, customer service is excellent and download/upload speeds are excellent.

I wouldn't got back to freeserve ( was on dialup with them ), service is crap and even when I disconnected from them they kept my monthly fee as I disconnected from them just a few days after I had paid my monthly subs.


  lelole 18:43 08 Feb 2004

I have decided to go with pipex as they seem to have pretty good reviews, and the price set up or otherwise is bearable, thanks for advice!!

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