tbh72 12:13 24 Apr 2003

I have freeserve broadband. I have just made my 12th payment and notice a number of companies both cable & bt are starting to offer 1mb ADSL. I am thinking, yummy, that would taste nice.... I contacted freeserve and asked if they would be introducing a 1MB service in the "Very near future".

Their e-mail response was promising, we are in negotiations and hope to supply the 1MB service very soon.

Can anyone shed any futher light on wether I am building my hopes up. Or should I look at going to a cheaper ADSL provider. I could save £8.00 / month by switching to V21 for example.

Let's hear your thought's

  accord 18:02 24 Apr 2003

im on NTL 600k BB but can receive BT BB aswell if i wanted. I chose NTL coz of price and speed. I do however have the feeling that price is not everything and reliability is more important, its a case of you get what you pay for. i know of some compnaies offering BB at silly prices but will they be here in 6 mths time?

if you are in a cabled area then check them out before waiting for freeserve. if not, tough but do some homework on other cheap providers

  accord 18:03 24 Apr 2003

ps....before deciding who to go with

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