Freeserve Anytime billed me after I'd cancelled!

  Mark Seven 18:31 31 Mar 2003

I cancelled my Anytime account in February a month in advance of me next billing date. At the time, their staff offered me an additional 'free month' extension, but as far as I was concerned I had cancelled the account. I even confirmed in writing 2 months later. Then they tried to bill my credit card the following month and are threatening debt collectors, etc, if I don't pay.

Can they get away with this? At no time was I told they wouldn't cancel my account if I accepted this so-called "free month". As far as I am concerned they have misused my credit details!

  Pappyon 15:28 02 Apr 2003

Three weeks after I cancelled with this crowd of chanty rasslers, they sent me a form asking for details of my new debit card. Then they cut me off a week early. I won't be surprised if they still take another payment in the next couple of days. I had to complain to Trading Standards about them in the past. They are totally inefficient!!
I had much the same trouble with Thiefserve, and it cost me about £6 in phone calls to get it sorted out.

  Kilobyte 16:27 04 Apr 2003

I have had a freeserve anytime account - and also phoned to cancel the day before my month finished. The account was closed immediately, and they gave me a reference number + sent an email confirmation.

  he he :-)™ 17:32 04 Apr 2003

Whay don't u go to AOL????

  Alan,,,,, 12:49 05 Apr 2003

I changed from Anytime to Freeserve broadband last May. Silly me I thought they would just start taking the £27.99 a month for broadband automatically. But no they kept taking the £13.99 for Anytime as well. After two months I contacted them and they stopped and promised me a refund. My crime,,, I didn't cancel the Anytime contract!!!. To date I have received no refund.Wait till the year is up next month...Bye Bye Freeserve....

  Mark Seven 12:21 30 Jun 2003

After billing me past the cancellation date Freeserve were obliged to issue a refund. Don't take 'no' for an answer if you call them on the phone - the customer advisors seem to be trained to admit no errors or liability! I wrote to head office instead and this produced immediate results. Freeserve will have logged your original cancellation call (so they have a record of its date) and fortunately, I had also cancelled my account in writing before the extended deadline.

  Djohn 13:28 30 Jun 2003

Couple of months back I tried them with their offer of £6.99 per month for the first three months. (Anytime account). I was having quite a few problems with the "connection kit" and getting outlook express to work correctly, so after 8 or 9 days decided to cancel my account.

During the short period of being with them, their technicians spent in total, over several calls, close on one and a half hours talking me through different settings and a couple of installs of Freeserve software. All this was done by them to my mobile, so that I could be on-line at the same time.

We could not get round the problem I was having, so, as I say above I decided to cancel. I fully expected to pay for the rest of the first month, and would not have complained if they charged me full price, because the £6.99 was part of a special offer.

I was passed to customer services, they refunded me the £6.99 then to my amazement also gave me a further £10.00 for "Inconvenience", wishing me well, saying they hoped I would consider them in the future, if I could resolve the problem with Outlook Express. I call that excellent service. j.

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