Freesat recorder now available at Comet

  Graham. 19:25 21 Nov 2008
  Stuartli 19:48 21 Nov 2008

Bit of psychology?


click here

  Stuartli 19:49 21 Nov 2008

I've rung the Comet (08750 prefix) order line and I was in a big queue (I was only testing the waters!) so hung up.

  Graham. 20:00 21 Nov 2008

Yes, looks like they're not actually in the shops, just to order online. Must be expecting a rush.

  Joe R 20:16 21 Nov 2008

They are in stock at Argos, just ordered on to be delivered on Monday.

  Graham. 22:32 21 Nov 2008

What to do with my Foxsat click here, though?

  Stuartli 23:26 21 Nov 2008

Not according to the website...:-)


Cancel it. The PVR will be sufficient; you have provided a link to the set top box.

  Graham. 23:28 21 Nov 2008

I was inviting offers, but I guess that would contravene a rule somewhere...

  Graham. 08:48 22 Nov 2008

Comet have a promotion code of HUM10 for 10% discount, but it will not accept it on-line. You have to call.

  Graham. 09:07 22 Nov 2008

Mine's coming Monday 1st December. With 10% off, it's £275.94. Note that the discount has to be entered manually by the operator.

  Graham. 19:49 22 Nov 2008

Comet have taken off the 10% promotion, so it must have been a mistake. I got it, though.

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