Freedom2surf = Opal = no help with reconnection.

  John B 18:50 14 Sep 2010

My mum has moved house and taken her BT number with her. I want to get her ISP (F2S) to activate broadband at her new house; she remains on the same exchange.

Ringing the 0871 Freedom2surf number(£2 and 20 minutes later)resulted in being told that I now had to contact Opal (new owners?).

Opal offered to start a new contract, and helpfully suggested I ring the F2S 0871 number to ask for a refund for the remaining time on the F2S contract (mum pays a year up front). More £s to F2S' phone-call-on-hold-system and no humans available.

Mum still has no broadband (which she's paid for). Opal say they can't help and F2S wont help (but charge a fortune whilst I'm on hold) and don't call back when they promise to do so via their automated service.

Any thoughts please? The F2S site is out of date and still asks customers to ring the 0871 number. The Opal contact begins with an "Opal; the new home for F2S" message, but it's only a sales line to encourage people to start a new contract.

Ideally, I'd like my mum to get her remaining three months without having to resort to wasted 10p a minute queues. Failing that, is there a way to request the mac code without calling an 0871 number please?

  961 19:16 14 Sep 2010

Freedom2Surf belongs to Talk Talk so far as I know

Get a mac code via 0800 049 0049

click here

You should get a mac code in 5 days. If they can't be bothered to help ditch the remaining 3 months. If they transfer to the new house you'll bet they'll want a new 12 month contract!

  John B 21:20 15 Sep 2010

I'll try that number.

  John B 16:28 25 Sep 2010

I've had to call F2S repeatedly on the 10p per minute number. Lots of assurances of a call back, but guess what? No call and still no broadband for my mum.

  John B 18:18 08 Oct 2010

Still no broadband. No returned calls. Assurances of a MAC code in 5 days, guess what? No MAC code. More time in 10p per minute queues and no result.

This has now gone on for the best part of six weeks.

I reckon I've spent around £20 in calls and queues.

Is there a body that oversees ISPs that I can make representations to? I'm really quite fed up with this now.


  john 52 18:45 08 Oct 2010

click here

Have a look at this link it may help you !

  john 52 18:46 08 Oct 2010

This site may help you as well

click here

  John B 22:34 08 Oct 2010

I'll have a read.

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