maz2 00:03 10 May 2005

Anyone any views on this ISP thinking of swapping from Wanadoo, been with them for years and am currently on the 512 service which has now been capped at 30, I can get the F2S at the same price (£19.99) but with a 10 cap which I'm not really bothered about but a faster connection, any views greatly appreciated

  Meng 09:27 10 May 2005

Been with them for 5 months. Super service and reliability. No complaints whatsover. You would see them regularly top of the charts click here.
You will find that all their BB packages go up to 2Gb speed and between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. it's unmetered.
Top company and I cannot recommend it hghly enough.

  maz2 00:02 11 May 2005

Just signed up migrated from Wanadoo, just a couple of questions, do they automatically put your speed up and is it straight away or do you just get like for like as Wanadoo told me, also do you get POP3 e-mail accounts and if so how many, it's a bit confusing on web site

  Meng 10:06 11 May 2005

I am not a techie and am sure someone else could give a better explanation. But speed is generally overrated. All BB companies will tell you that in perfect ideal conditions if your modem, the line, internet traffic and website is up to it, top speed can be achieved. But this doesn't happen in real life.
The proof of the pudding is when you yourself notice quicker refreshing of webpages, slightly quicker uploads and downloads. You could always go on click here to check your connection speeds etc.
If you have transferred over then you should experience the "benefits" already. Email f2s with your queries, they are always only too happy to help.

  maz2 10:28 11 May 2005

It hasn't been set up yet so I don't know what to expect, what about e-mail addresses to set up through OE how many do you get? is it only 1

  Meng 11:06 11 May 2005

U get up to 20 email accounts. You can get more but it will cost you

  maz2 10:21 19 May 2005

Migration went ahead with absolutely no problems whatsoever, very pleased, can anyone tell me how long it took them to upgrade their line it says 5-10days but I was just wondering what other people's experience was

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