Freebies wanted

  Paulgoodie101 16:43 10 Apr 2006

Dear all,

Bit of an odd posting I know, but I have been set a challenge to build a PC for free! Does anybody know of anywhere in the UK where I might be able to get free PC parts (motherboard, monitor, hard drive, fan, graphics card - the works...)?

Really, I would be willing to dive head first in to a landfill site if you thought it would be worth it!

Any help would be much appreciated. Please email [email protected]



  ade.h 17:14 10 Apr 2006

That might actually be your best shot! You'd be surprised what gets chucked out as virtually worthless. Also keep an eye on what local businesses/schools/etc may be putting into skips.

  De Marcus™ 17:36 10 Apr 2006

Google freecycle!

At our recycling centre, there are enough dumped monitors to keep you happy for months.

  Paulgoodie101 11:03 11 Apr 2006

Where is your recycling centre? Seriously, this is an actual bonafide challenge I've been set and I have two weeks to do it. If it's free, I'm there! Do they have any other PC parts I could scrounge?

  Belatucadrus 11:40 11 Apr 2006

Try some of the bigger local businesses, if there's anything it'll be ancient, but it'll save them paying to dispose of it so they may be amenable if you ask nicely.

  spuds 13:06 11 Apr 2006

Contact your local council, they should have a list of recycling places in your area.One of my local 'tips', have a good amount of IT stuff dumped there on a near daily basis. Only problem, by the time it as been picked up, and thrown back in the pile, it as possibly been rendered useless.

As a matter of curiosity,who set this challenge up, and for what purpose!.

  Paulgoodie101 14:21 11 Apr 2006

It has been set by a UK technology mag. Can't say too much more but it is part of a wider set of 'geeky challenges'.

Part of the whole thing is that I don't just have to build it, but have to find out where it can be done throughout the country. I went to a couple of tips around Manchester (where I'm based) but it was all chair legs and fridge doors. I contacted the council but they seem bent on directing me towards places where you can dispose of your PCs, not where I could scavenge for random parts.

With this in mind, if you know of ACTUAL LOCATIONS where I could find a mountain of monitors or a stack of scsi ports, let me know!

  De Marcus™ 14:22 11 Apr 2006

My bedroom cupboard?

  pj123 17:15 11 Apr 2006

Same as De Marcus™. My garage. Won't do you much good though. They are all 486 or earlier. Won't work in today's world.

  bluto1 20:51 11 Apr 2006

I`ve got a spare keyboard, a scsi, some cables for assorted use, etc.
I`ve also got a PentiumII 450MHz CPU,a couple of CD readers that I`m not sure of their serviceability. The same for one or two old low capacity HDD`s. Sorry I can`t manage a mobo to stick them on but you are welcome to the lot gratis if we can get them to you for free.

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