'Free' Software

  tippucat 19:45 08 Jan 2003
  tippucat 19:45 08 Jan 2003

Being fairly new to the Internet I have looked up all kinds of diverse sites mainly looking for freebies. I've come across two sites that appear to offer the world for very lttle outlay and wonder if anyone has tried them. Are they worth the money? Are they safe i.e., credit cared details being shared with the 'unknown'?

Sites are 'Software Secrets' and 'Secrets to FREE Software'. If kosher then they do appear to be well worth a visit.

  Andÿ 19:52 08 Jan 2003

They both look decidedly spam ish and I would not go within 100 miles of them with a credit card.

They look like the usual cons that feed on the greedy (no offence intended).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:40 08 Jan 2003

All you will ever need for free. ....click here


  Nickg 23:30 08 Jan 2003

click here shareware and freeware for almost any requirement.

  €dstow 08:59 09 Jan 2003

Remember that if free software was as good as it claims it is, there would be no market at all for commercial charged-for programs and such like. As there is a huge market for commercial stuff one can only assume that the freebies often lack something or, !!!horrors!!!, insert something into your machine that you may not wish to have.


  MichelleC 10:25 09 Jan 2003

I went free software mad last year and had all sorts of pc probs. Even with firewall and uptodate av. I'm going to be more careful now and be more selective.

  Andsome 16:19 09 Jan 2003

I have learned my lesson with downloaded free software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  leo49 16:54 09 Jan 2003

This wholesale condemnation of free software is absolute tosh, and unjustifiably insulting to their creators.There are a large number of free programs which I consider indispensable and an equally large number of extremely expensive programs which I wouldn't allow on my PC if the makers paid me.

Whether it's free or retail, one has to be selective AND operate correctly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:52 09 Jan 2003

'Remember that if free software was as good as it claims it is, there would be no market at all for commercial charged-for programs and such like'....*cough* Irfanview/enditall/AVG/Outpost *cough*. I could go on but suffice to say that there still are people in the world that do things for nothing wanting only appreciation as thanks or reward.


  Joe McG 18:07 09 Jan 2003

add to that list, DBpoweramp,winamp,acrobat reader,Divx and many more I could add.

I use all of the named programs frequently, and still haven't found a "Retail price program" to beat Winamp.

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