Free antivirus software.Is it anygood?

  dazgwinn 20:04 01 Jul 2003

My yearly subscription for my antivirus software is due shortly, should I try a free one or cough up?Cheers Dazgwinn.

  Forum Editor 20:22 01 Jul 2003

try AVG.

I think it's pretty good. I haven't had a single virus since I started using it quite a long time ago now.

Take a look

click here

You'll no doubt get other suggestions - the world's your oyster.

  Belatucadrus 21:06 01 Jul 2003

AVG 6 is due to be replaced by the new version 7 at any moment and I'm running the beta on one machine at the moment. I think that avast4 is the best free anti virus you can get at the moment click here that's loaded on my laptop. Both offer one free copy of a commercial program to non profit home users.

  Belatucadrus 21:08 01 Jul 2003

rather a lot of "at the moment" on that posting, must proof read more carefully.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:12 02 Jul 2003

Used AVG for over a year now and I open all emails and attachments and have never downloaded any 'security' updates for Outlook. AVG has caught everything. 'nuff said.


  Terrahawk 04:47 02 Jul 2003

Avast or AVG my personal weapon of Choice is Avast click here
click here

  H-J 09:10 02 Jul 2003

How do you know your system(s) are clean? It's not impossible for something to slip through the defences. No AV software is infallable. And if it didnt register then by definition it didnt register. you might have something (hopefully benign) lurking, awaiting a triggering event.

Having said all that, some protection is usually better than none.

  Brazils 10:30 02 Jul 2003

I used AVG for many years with no problems, on a Windows 95 machine.

When I installed it on my XP machine, it worked, but it did a few annoying things. One example was that many normal icons changed to AVG icons.

I now prefer Avast4 on my XP computer.

  Brazils 10:36 02 Jul 2003

Just a note to add that I also occasionally visit Housecall,
click here
just to get a second opinion!

Who gave Bill Gates permission to use my post to advertise his latest produst?

  Brazils 10:37 02 Jul 2003

Have I missed something?
What's this underline thing?

  christmascracker 10:44 02 Jul 2003

At the top of the page "PC Advisor now highlights keywords selected by our advertisers, typically a vendor name, product or service. Keywords are underlined in green and are hyper-linked to the advertiser's site."

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