'Free adult web-sites'

  gnvqsos 10:44 01 Apr 2009

Having watched Channel 4 program I was surprised to learn how easily children could access free pornography on the net.How do such sites make an income?Are there any dangers(other than moral ones)in accessing such sites?I did read that some sites lock one's computer by infecting with spyware etc.I currently use a K9 filter provided by Bluecoat.How good is this ?I look forward to your replies

  AlouetteIII 11:14 01 Apr 2009

It's too easy which is why responsible parents have powerful protection software installed. Even with that, though, the more savvy teeneagers will find a way if they want to! Porn sites are notorious for putting nasties onto unprotected computers.

  gnvqsos 11:18 01 Apr 2009

Thanks but how do they make money?Do they add nasties to compromise computer security and if so how does one combat this?

  iscanut 11:20 01 Apr 2009

Only the sample shots/videos are free. There is usually a joining up/membership option available for more access and fuller viewing and daily/monthly fees are charged by way of credit card. All sort of nasties and malware can be put onto computers by these sites. Keep well clear.

  HondaMan 13:18 01 Apr 2009

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