found this on ebay, too good to be true?

  Maryp 15:14 07 Nov 2005

I've just bought windows xp pro and office 2003 for £10, which sounds too good to be true, but he has good feedback and promises he has the product key codes. (Item number: 7194719112)
When it arrives, is there anyway I can check its going to work, that the product keys are valid, before I uninstall whats already on my pc?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:25 07 Nov 2005

"Too good to be true" - you said it yourself.

It's highly suspect and unlikely to activate.

  Maryp 15:28 07 Nov 2005

Yes but can I check if it will work, he has plenty of feedback saying other software works fine.

  ventanas 15:30 07 Nov 2005

I have to agree, there is no way more than £500 worth of software bought for £10 is going to be genuine. I wouldn't even bother with it. What I would do is contact Microsoft and give them the product keys, explaining how I came by the software, and letting them take it from there.

  Sans le Sou 15:32 07 Nov 2005

They are copies, they will load ok but you may have a problem with XP. Office suite may well be ok as you do not have to activate it in the same way as the O/S.(I think)

  Haysi 15:34 07 Nov 2005

Be interesting to hear what you get.
I have seen a 'Chinese' copy of XP and the packaging etc was an instant giveaway, I understand it loaded OK but never asked to be 'activated'

  pj123 15:34 07 Nov 2005

Too good to be true is always a gamble. Generally "Too good to be true" always means it isn't, but for a tenner I would certainly be willing to try it on one of my spare computers to see. If it doesn't do what it says on the tin I can always take it off and no harm done.

Unfortunately, it can only be bought via Paypal. I don't have and don't want a Paypal account.

  ventanas 15:42 07 Nov 2005

He's also selling Dreamweaver for a tenner and Autocad for a quid. Also seems to have quite large stocks. I would be interested to see what turns up. If they are genuine retail products ( and I suppose they could be) why are they being sold at this price. Ten times what is being asked would still be a bargain.

  pj123 15:47 07 Nov 2005

Look at the bit in Red at the bottom which says:

"Please note image is for illustration purposes only. You will only recieve a disk with serial codes. If you dont understand then please do not buy !"

recieve (sic)

Should tell you something. If you don't get the packaging they must be copies.

  Forum Editor 15:50 07 Nov 2005

Commonsense must tell you that nobody is going to be selling the genuine article for such a ridiculously low sum. You've paid £10 for an illegal item, and you may as well throw it in the bin when it arrives.

  Stuartli 16:11 07 Nov 2005

Remember the old saying that a fool and his/her money are soon parted...:-)

Apart from the ethics of the matter.

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