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  tsunami 12:51 22 Apr 2003

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I have a board hosted there, and recently there have been a lot of server problems - but in this thread I really think the staff are not being as helpful as they could be - and I was always led to believe that the customer is always right, and that the company should always try as hard as possible to resolve the issue without upsetting the customer - something they seem to be struggling with. I would like your help on writing a letter of complaint. Thanks:-)

I hope you are not expecting a "Wave" of response!!!

As with any letter, the secret is to be concise, to the point and stick to the facts. If it is the first letter then outline the problems, what you have done so far to resolve them and what you hope the company will do to assist you. Be polite but firm, as the letter may well be the first time someone in authority becomes aware that you have a problem - dont upset him....just yet!

If you get nowhere with this approach, then time for another letter, referencing the fist and stating what you demand to be done within a given time limit (be reasonable). State that unles this happens you will take alternative action etc.

If this gets you nowhere then the final letter is the shortest and simplest - just say that "despite my letters of so and so date you have failed to address my problems to my satisfaction. You therefore leave me no alterantive but to take (whatever) action without further recourse to you"

mention the fact that they may incur further costs ect and see what happens. But initially, be polite, dont sound off, and stick to the facts!

  Pappyon 18:29 22 Apr 2003

I have already posted here about the problems I had with the faulty 330 Alcatel modem Pipex supplied me with, their inability to diagnose a fault in it, and sending it back as being OK when it wasn't. It eventually had to be replaced, and cost me £2.18 in postage which Tech Support told me would be reimbursed.

I have asked for compensation for this and for having to use a dial-up PAYG for essentials like accessing my online bank account, also for the cost of phone calls to Technical support, which would not have been necessary had they supplied a working modem when I told them the original modem wasn't working.

I even went to the expense of purchasing a new PCI ADSL modem, which I didn't need which cost me over £30 when they blamed my system, but I am not asking or expecting compensation for that expense.

I have asked for a month's free broadband for the time when the modem was in the post, and when I couldn't use it, because the modem was faulty anyway.

They have totally ignored my fax. They have ignored my emails.
They have even ignored a snail mail letter I sent 12 days ago to the head of Customer Relations enclosing a copy of the fax and emails.

Where do I go from here?

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