Forum Editor - StarOffice 6.0 Challenge

  Goldcroft 12:23 02 Apr 2003

Dear Forum Editor: received your invitation this morning. Went all the way down the form filling in my details only to find that XP is not listed on system requirements. Then went further down the page and found tick boxes, which included one for XP. Am puzzled.

I received invitation today, but the body of the message was blank.

  PC Advisor. 16:07 02 Apr 2003

1) StarOffice definitely works on XP
2) Somdor, are you by any chance using Lotus Notes?

pc advisor. no.

  Forum Editor 19:25 02 Apr 2003

That's odd. I've just checked it, and it seems OK on my machine.

Watch this space. I'm very busy right now, but things will quieten later, and I'll get a chance to focus on the problem.

  ams4127 20:24 03 Apr 2003

I regret not being able to join in. I've been a contented Wordperfect user since version 5 in the 80s, and wouldn't dream of using anything else.

I did try Office XP, found it very confusing, removed it and sold it on.

  justme 22:52 03 Apr 2003

I too find that most of the latest versions of office suites and word processors in particular are now overloaded with far too many options and I seriously doubt whether there is anyone who uses these monsters who actually makes use of even the majority of the options on a regularly basis.

However, that is no reason to shut your mind to whatever potential advantages a new wordprocessor may offer. I too used Wordperfect in the 80's and found it quite adequate for my needs, but now I use Word 2002 and although I probably use only a fraction of the facilities it has to offer I find it useful, especially whenever I find myself needing one of the facilities I thought I would never use.

I may only use the option once and might never need it again but at least it was there when I did need it. Perhaps what we need is a wordprocessor which installs only the most basic options and then allows you to add whatever option you find you need when you need it. This would solve your problem of it being confusing.

  Lone Crow 00:34 04 Apr 2003

I'm mildly flattered at being invited to take the challenge but won't, on grounds of time. How can anyone spare the time it would take to comprehensively test out a complete package like StarOffice? It would take me a year just to learn it, never mind pass an informed and valid opinion on it! I'm afraid I view the challenge as an exercise of dubious value, a bit like the poll on the new brand of printers a while back! Sorry, PCA. LC.

  Goldcroft 07:33 04 Apr 2003

Much as I would like to help PCA I regret that I agree with Lone Crow. I just wouldn't have the time or knowledge to do the job properly. The Star Office suite probably includes spreadsheet and database programmes, and I never use those. Though there will always be a few rebels and Gates haters, anyone given the job toppling the Microsoft Office Suite has been given a kamikaze mission.

May I though agree wholeheartedly with justme. I suspect I only use a tiny percentage of Word's functions. Please Microsoft, forget adding more and more increasingly esoteric functions and concentrate on ease of operation.

Sorry Online editor.

Wouldn't the functionality/complication of computer programmes be a good subject for a poll?

  watchful 07:52 04 Apr 2003

I also find it very confusing. All the options that one hardly ever uses. All machines seem to be like that now. My washing machine has about 10 progs. of which I use only 2. Even on my TV remote control I use only 3 or 4.

I'm all for simplifying things all round. The more functions there are, the more chances for failure or breakdown.

The old fashioned manual typewriter is a good example. You could clean and service your own m/c but come the electric one, an engineer had to be called in. It's the same with most PCs, especially in the hands of new users. When I did CLAIT half the m/cs were out of order most of the time.

Far better to have the well tried basics with the option to add on fiddly bits if required.

  Craig.m 09:28 04 Apr 2003

I have registered my interest for this Star Office, I did use the 5.2 free download for a time and found it quite good, will be good to se if they have ironed out some of the problems with this in the latest version.

Thing is I have not received a reply and was wondering if the trial group has been selected and I did not get selected.


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