Ford 3 year warranty

  Mary_S 18:02 02 Oct 2010


Last year in Aug I purchased a brand new ford fiesta which comes with a 3 year warantee.
Now someone has told me that the 3 year warantee becomes invalid if i do not get the car serviced by ford before the end of my first year.

Now, about 2-3 months ago, my mum told me we recieved a phonecall from ford asking about servicing our car. TBh, our car is hardly driven and so I thought of no reson to get the car serviced, and i did not call back.

Now someone has told me , I have invalid my 3 year warantee and im very paranoid. Obviously, I have tried to call ford to confirm the correct protocol on this but the lines are closed for the day and i will have rto wait till tomorrow to speak to them, but im hoping someone can give me some info if they know anything about this.


  OTT_B 18:29 02 Oct 2010

The upshot is that you have to get the car serviced in line with the service schedule, as laid out by Ford. That's not to say that Ford have to do the servicing - it can be done by any other garage providing they are competent to do the work.

Typically Ford cars (as with many others) have a set number of miles between each service, or a maximum time period - typically 12 months.

If the service schedule is not followed then Ford won't be compelled to honour the warranty.

  OTT_B 18:31 02 Oct 2010

A service schedule will normally say something like

"every 15000 miles or every 12 months"

In this case, if the car is 12 months old, but has only covered 6000 miles, then the service must still be done.

  spuds 19:19 02 Oct 2010

When you purchased the vehicle you should have been given all the documentation, including servicing procedures and warranty information. These details are usually given in a folder for safe keeping. If you have yours, then have a look as to what the warranty states.

A number of the major car companies are now advertising 'lifetime' warranties, but certain conditions apply, and I bet servicing is part of the conditions, plus high mileage.

  morddwyd 08:12 03 Oct 2010

The bottom line is that if you bought it fourteen months ago and haven't had it serviced since you have invalidated your warranty.

You should get it into your dealer straight away and see if you can get it reinstated.

  Pine Man 08:31 03 Oct 2010

..Ford is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result

* Damage caused by neglect, flooding, accident, rallying, racing or any other improper use
* Normal wear and tear
* Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with Ford maintenance schedules and service instructions
* Failure to properly maintain paint and bodywork by regular cleaning in accordance with Ford instructions

  Colin 10:54 03 Oct 2010

"TBh, our car is hardly driven and so I thought of no reson to get the car serviced, and i did not call back."

This is a common misconception. If the car is used rarely the engine oil will definitely need changing irrespective of whether or not the oil level is correct. You do not need to have the car serviced at a franchised dealer to maintain the warranty, but, as other posters have said, you do need to adhere to the service schedule.

  birdface 11:42 03 Oct 2010

First service used to be after 500 miles but not sure what it will be now,
probably 1.000 or 3.000 miles.
After each service your warrant book will be stamped by the garage carrying out the service.
I would imagine if you miss a service or overrun the service by a considerable amount your warranty will then be invalid.

  spuds 12:13 03 Oct 2010

Perhaps an add-on to this subject, I notice that some vehicle break-down companies are stating in their policies, that the vehicle registered with them, must have servicing or approved repairs as recommended by the manufacturer's.

I have recently changed from one vehicle break-down company, because their recent policy conditions have changed.

  Colin 14:26 03 Oct 2010

buteman - it's unusual these days for a car to have a first service after a few hundred or thousand miles. Most cars now go straight to the first “proper” service which 12/24 months or mileage depending on the manufacturer.

  tullie 14:44 03 Oct 2010

Spot on,my first service is after a year,or 12,500 miles,whichever comes first.

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