Force 9 (PlusNet Group) and trying to leave them

  Giggle n' Bits 19:13 21 Sep 2006

I gave my notice to end my Force 9 Permier Broadband and do not seem to have had my request heard. No response yet, still waiting.

I have tried all the available tel numbers including premium rate numbers to contact them but there just going through menu's Press 1 press 3 press * etc then please wait while we conect you bla bla bla. The line then cuts you off.

Reading over the support's server status for them they recently had a problem which was the premium rate and support phone lines not functioning correctly and they said they were confident this was now fixed. Obvouosly this is not the case unless its just to make a excuse as I know there are a lot of unahppy customers with Force 9 oh and should I mention Tiscali as they are linked to the same subsidery I think that the correct word to use.

But my main concern is how can I cancel my Broadband with a company if I am unable to comunicate vice versa.

Also my only protection is my card details are to expire in october and this will stop them from taking payment. I am paid upto 10 october and understand the fee of £72 would be required which they sort of can happily take even though they have failed to provide me with a fully working boradband service. I have been moaning about these problems since June 06 but they never rectified. The problems seem to be not just me but I know there are some forum users here who think there ok cos they have no problems.

Then there were the issues of sending account details in a database out to x thousand other users which is available in the site and then loosing the mail server fully of emails which the first was there failure to meet there Data protection act. Oh and the spam I recieve since they passed on my 2 email address with account name and password.

They said they could not give me a new username, password or email address something which the Forum Editor here said they could.

So going back how do I cancel my Broadband with a company I cannot comunicate with becase I feel they will leave the marker on the line. My new ISP I have lined up will have told me I have to be released from Force 9 as it is a LLU - Local Loop Unbundling jobbie.

  STREETWORK 19:25 22 Sep 2006

You need to cancel it by letter...

PO Box 3704,
Terry Street,
S9 2WL.

No wonder you are leaving them, no telephone number to cancel a contract is bad, very bad...

  josie mayhem 19:57 22 Sep 2006

If you get bt to disconnect your line, anything connected to it such as broadband we be diconnected as well (found this out when I forgot to pay my phone bill and was disconnected, I had at this point a broadband provider who I wasn't using blocking my line long story) But after having my bt line diconnected and reconected I was free to choose another broadban provider..

And if you cancel your DD, they won't be long before they contact you requesting payment....

Drastic I know, but just sometimes.....

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