Force 9 (PlusNet Group)

  Giggle n' Bits 10:15 17 Aug 2006

Follow on to my older post which isn't going anywhere.

Yesterday loss of 5 hours broadband service, today loss of 3 hours so far and just got online for how long ?.

Ok, so you want to call there Support and status number 0845 140 0250 don't bother its been disconnected !

Anyone know if Force 9 are in finacial trouble or in the process or closing down ?

  HondaMan 10:32 17 Aug 2006

This from their status page about 60 seconds ago

" Network Issues
We are currently investigating what looks like a power outage in Tele House North which is affecting a number of services. We currently believe these services are:

Broadband connectivity
Some mail Relays
The Phone System

These services are run across several servers and locations so not all customers will be affected however some customers will see slow down or loss of connectivity, please do not raise tickets on these issues as we will have them resolved as soon as possible.

All updates are available from our service status tool."

  Giggle n' Bits 10:56 17 Aug 2006

just after sending this the connection was back with a loss of about 3 hours today so far, yesterday was a bit longer but there technical support line number is dead and when it was working they didn't answer it just sent you through the options then it when dead but now the number is dead totally !

Rembering they also sent x thousand email address and usernames to other customers is starting to get a bit bad.

Becase I run by business from home and require the internet to comunicate, research and buy online its loosing me business and Force 9 days are numbered.

As soon I I get my current jobs through and finished I will be cancelling asap which I think will be 3 or 4 weeks to go.

They may be online now but how about in a hour or this afternoon or tomorrow.

  HondaMan 11:31 17 Aug 2006

I have never lost their service through their fault. Any loss has usually been down to hardware or buggy software.

We have just had a thunderstorm and my internet connectivity went down. I had to reset and reboot my modem to get back on-line even though my internal network was still working. When I checked my router via Windows Explorer and another browser, one said all was OK and the other said No Connection. Work that out if you can.

I wouldn't be too quick to bin Force 9, their oferings I tink are still better than some others.

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