Is that foolish to buy this PC for £475?

  KaTaCheung 11:55 20 May 2014

CPU: AMD X4 740

Motherboard: MSI A78X E35

RaM : CRUCIAL 8GB 1600 mhz

DVD : LG DVD rewriter

Power supply : CORSAIR VS450 PSU

Display Card: Sapphire R9 270X 2G DDR5 OC

HD: WD 1TB Blue

SSD: crucial m500 120gb ssd


Is that foolish for buying this by £475 ?? T^T

  chub_tor 19:19 20 May 2014

Put all your part in PC Part Picker and it will give you a total. I notice that you haven't included an OS.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:43 20 May 2014

According to the manufacturer's website, your choice of video card requires a minimum 500W power supply, so you would be a bit foolish if you bought that configuration ;)

  KaTaCheung 20:26 20 May 2014

Thanks buddy,

sigh.... i get this configuration from my friend, before that i gave him my budget (£450), and i trust him as he is now opening a shop of repairing/configuring PC....

so, would it be a big problem with my PC?

  KaTaCheung 20:31 20 May 2014

UM.. BTW, im planning to upgrade it maybe one month later,

if im going to upgrade my CPU, is that better to change my motherboard and use I5?

because the other AMD CPU generally providing GPU.......

  Secret-Squirrel 09:12 21 May 2014

"so, would it be a big problem with my PC?"

Using a power supply that's not powerful enough for all the components could destabilise the PC, or it could turn off abruptly, or worse. If you still want that video card then get a 500W or 550W PSU.

Although I built my last two desktop PCs, I wouldn't consider PC-building one of my strong points so I'd prefer to leave it for others answer all your other questions.

Best of luck with everything.

  alanrwood 11:30 21 May 2014

Why take the risk of causing damage by fitting an under powered Power Supply Unit. The price difference is not that material. Don't understand the bit about asking if this rig is OK and then saying you are going to upgrade in a months time. If it is a question of ready cash then wait an extra month and get the right product to start with and it will save money by not wasting a power supply that is unsuitable. Personally I would be looking at 650-700 watts as a safety factor against future upgrades

  KaTaCheung 21:12 21 May 2014

But in fact, i did play LOL and Diablo3 and also DotA2, and it didn't turn off abruptly.....

How can i do now? T^T

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