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  Dee01 15:55 29 Jan 2009

have never been insulted as much as i was today when i called PC options chasing up a refund for a PC i ordered in December but cancelled due to inappropriately chosen specification.I cancelled the transaction th next day.I have been chasing this refund up for about 3 weeks now and ended up speaking to a Vicky who was so rude to me and even ended up hanging up the phone on me over 8 times.I need my money back so i kept calling, i eneded up speaking to another bloke who called me all the obscene names available in the obscene language dictionary.I was livid with rage and i cannot imagine that people like these exist.Being a customer service adviser myself hve come to believe that there has to be another name for these kinds of people.Maybe Customer stabbers adviser or customer slap-them-in-the-face advisers but defintely not customer adviser.I am still chasing up my refund but i have promised them that i will spread the word of their ills, sorry excuse for customer services,unconcerned about what customers go through.We work for our hard earned mone and these people take it from us, curse us and refuse o refund us when they owe us.This has to be another case of organizational bullying a consumer.I will keep all informed about how this one goes because i will not back down until i get my money cuss me all they want.

Define customer services?


  HondaMan 10:50 30 Jan 2009

they do have, I think, 28 days to make a refund.

  spuds 11:25 30 Jan 2009

Take the complaint up with your credit card company, if that is the way you paid for the goods. Enough people making complaints, might bring swifter results and better service!.

  Dee01 18:11 30 Jan 2009

I sent an email to pc options today informing them that this is the 32nd day since i requested for a refund but i have not received my money. Told them that this is definitely in contravention of my rights as a consumer and i will be lookng to take this further if my money is not refunded.I then followed up with a call to them to speak to Tom who was not available(as usual). I then called my bank to a raise a dispute on the transaction with pc options with my debit card. I got a reference number and informed that it will be investigated and i will get a response in 4 working days.I wil be reporting this to trading standards and will make it a point of duty(just cause) to inform all the good hearted, innocent customers out there of this dodgy organizations rip-em-off attitude.

  Dee01 17:17 16 Apr 2009

I just got my refund from PC options today and the amount was less 30 pound which they claim was for cheques they sent which i never received.My bank had to claim the money on my behalf since they were not willing to provdie my refund any longer,4 months i was on this.They refused to reply my emails,hung up on me whenever i call and they realize it`s me and so on.I had a choice of rejecting the money since they did not provide a proof of the sent cheque but i have had it up to here with these people.They are a sorry excuse for a company and i would advice anyone who wants to purchase anything from them to do it...AT THEIR OWN RISK!END.

  Forum Editor 19:03 16 Apr 2009

If I've got this right you're sayinmg that the company has deducted £30 from the refund to which you were entitled, and has justified this by saying that they sent you the £30 separately.

You say that you have not received this £30.

Is that the situation?

It's the easiest thing in the world for a supplier to verify whether or not a cheque has been presented for payment. If it hasn't it can be stopped with equal ease.

You may wish to pursue this matter, and if you do, you might send a letter to the supplier's registered office by special delivery. If you sent such a letter you might state that you have not received the outstanding money, and state that unless you receive it within 7 days you reserve your right to pursue the matter via the small claims court. As you haven't received the money your claim would be successful, and you would have your court costs added to the amount the supplier is ordered to pay.

  HondaMan 09:57 17 Apr 2009

Surely this should be dealt with by the CC company as a FULL refund has not been made?

It should then be for the company to pursue its claim that it paid £30 by cheque, although why they ever did that is a mystery.

Chase you CC company again.

  peugeot man 10:28 17 Apr 2009

If I have read this correctly the purchase was made by debit card, not credit card. I don't think you get the same protection.


I then called my bank to a raise a dispute on the transaction with pc options with my debit card.

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