Flight Sim 2002 Graphic requirements

  QUADDRA 14:39 17 Mar 2004

Does anyone no if I will be able to run Flight Sim 2002 with all the features turned on using a 128mb Geforce FX-5900XT?

  Mike D 15:21 17 Mar 2004

I would think so - I run 2002 and 2004 using a Radeon 9500 Pro with 128 Mb. I haven't used 2002 much since I found 2004 in PC World for £24.99, but do remember that it has a reputation for being a little jerky at times.


  QUADDRA 15:50 17 Mar 2004

Hi Mike D

Thanks for the reply,

The reason I asked was that I still have the option to upgrade to the 128 ATI Radeon 9800PRO All in Wonder for about £130 and wondered if it was worth the extra expense.
I have Flight sim 2002 Pro, I paid about £50 a couple of years ago. Do you find Flight sim 2004 very different? Graphics or features?


  whatsupdoc 16:53 17 Mar 2004

i use fs2004 on 64mggraphics and 2.6ghz intel. a little jerky at times but i still run in high detail. as long as your not hoping to get full detail whilst flying at mach2 at 50ft above the ground mines ok. i think you should be fine with what you have.


  Mike D 15:09 19 Mar 2004


Sorry for the delay in replying, this is the first time that the forum has been working at the same time as me!

The main differences for me are the virtual cockpit in 2004 (admittedly not all add-on planes have this), which allows for 360 views from the cockpit and the scenery, whihch is more detailed. Some of the add-on scenery is stunning. The plane themselves also look better that their 2002 counterparts.

I did intend to use 2004 more out of novelty value because of the range of add-ons for 2002, but 2004 is catching up, and I now find that 2004 is the sim of choice for me.

As regards the graphics cards, I would guess that for mere mortals, as opposed to professional critics, who test the things to the nth degree, we would see little difference. I have used ATI and Nvidia products over the years and the improvements that I have seen over my previous cards have been due more to the march of progress rather than the ascendancy of Nvidia over ATI over 3dFX etc., etc.-

  QUADDRA 19:51 21 Mar 2004

Hi Mike D & whatsupdoc

Sorry for my delay in responding (it’s the weekend and the kids are home)
You have put my mind to rest over the card. I think I will stick to my original choice for now, If the need arises I can always upgrade later.
As for flight sim, I purchased the F/Sim 2002 Professional Edition a couple of years ago and wondered if you new how this compared to the 2004 version. Is the Pro version more detailed - better scenery etc, than 2002 STD edition or is it basically the same?


  Mike D 15:18 22 Mar 2004


1 There is only one version of 2004. The scenery and planes are IMO better than 2002 pro. It comes on 4 CDs to give you an idea of the size of the programme. The one niggle is that you always have to insert the CD to play (it wants verification that it is a licensed copy), and it's always CD4. I am concerned that this will get battered doing this and it is not copyable.

2 FS2002pro differed from Standard in the number of default planes provided and the inclusion of some editing tools.


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