Flat panel displays

  961 19:42 16 Oct 2004

Heaven help me, I'm beginning to think of a flat panel display for Christmas

Anybody got any views on make?

I see PCAdvisor has a feature next month

That means I'll probably have to wait till November by which time the favourite will be sold out until January, won't it

Anybody had really bad experiences with stuck pixels, and what response did they get from the supplier/maker?

Anyone got a goo0d 19" at a reasonable price?

  Rayuk 20:10 16 Oct 2004

Depends on whether you want to play games,most 19" are 25 or 22 rs times which arent the best.[for gaming]
Earlier thread on 19"
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I have Iiyama E413S 17" 16ms response times and more than happy with it and the price has now gone down to about £290

  sdf 21:00 16 Oct 2004

I also have a 431S - and although the colour, and I think the best description would be "luminocity" of it is sensational I would say it does have a rather limiting viewing angle compared to my others

  sdf 21:03 16 Oct 2004

additional in a recent dabs.com mailout they were advertising a 19" with 16ms response time for £280 I aint got the link but it was an acer one so not a bad brand

  supersneak 11:16 17 Oct 2004

Benq have a 17" with 12ms response for about £250

  Stuartli 12:03 17 Oct 2004

e-Buyer has four 19in TFTs this weekend at under £300 including VAT.

But you'll have to check the specs...:-)

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BigPockets also has brand new 17in Packard Bell TFTs at £199.99 including VAT.

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  961 16:13 23 Oct 2004

Finally took the plunge and got LG Flatron 17" from Dabs at around £220 having read some good reviews

Most impressed. Spectacular picture and no dead pixels

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