fitting AMD motherboards into case

  cockneyrebel49 14:11 25 Oct 2005

A buddy of mine has 3 AMD Motherboards, when he a table test the all appeared to work. Thinking fine I'll put them in the case now, He put them in seperate cases connected up switched on and nothing not a murmer, so he took the out tried the tabletop test no problems any body got any ideas please.

  PaulB2005 14:14 25 Oct 2005

Has he made sure all the plugs are in properly?

Is the motherbaord grounding in the case? (i.e. touching it?)

Did he did put the spacers in the cases first?

  cockneyrebel49 14:19 25 Oct 2005

As far as I know he has checked all 3 not having seen what he's upto I can only take his word for it, my guess is that its not fully grounded although he swears that it is.

  PaulB2005 14:23 25 Oct 2005

I don't think he wants it to be grounded!! The spacers are there to stop the motherboard from grounding on the case.

  cockneyrebel49 14:31 25 Oct 2005

i quired the topic about spacers yesterday but he says all fibre spacers have been fitted. I also advised him to recheck all of the connections from the power pack to the board and all other connections from the case to the motherboard which he said he had done 2-3 times (the motherboards are all secondhand and were given to him) seems like a possible cause in itself.

  PaulB2005 14:39 25 Oct 2005

Has he also installed the brass risers that the fibre washers sit on?

  cockneyrebel49 14:56 25 Oct 2005

Thats a good point bet a pound to a penny that he has'nt

  harps1h 14:57 25 Oct 2005

make sure that he hasn't put in any unecessary spacers as these may also be making a connection on the underside of the motherboard. that may explain why when it is put onh the table the board works. only put in spascers where there is a corresponding hole on the motherboard.

  harps1h 14:59 25 Oct 2005

*unnecessay, *on, *spacers.

sorry about the typosd

  cockneyrebel49 15:01 25 Oct 2005

Thanks for your time, I guess that i'll be lumbered to do the job for him, once again thanks for your input have a good one.


  cockneyrebel49 15:02 25 Oct 2005

ok harps1h thanks

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