fiscal phone support

  charlton200 19:28 27 Feb 2007

I just wondered if anyone has had to ring there phone support line. I have had to twice and had to hang up both times because the line is so bad that i can't hear a thing they are saying and they also seem to be workers in a different country.
Do you don't know if there support line is based abroad . i have had to hang up both times as its been a waste of time.

i just wondered if there was anyone else thats had problems?

  charlton200 19:29 27 Feb 2007

Sorry that was ment to be Tiscali.

  Jimmy14 19:37 27 Feb 2007

I've phoned them on several ocassions about the shoddy speeds I received on the 8Mb Package. Their support center is based in India so it is quite hard understanding them. It sometime takes a while to get through but I tried my hardest to understand them and it was ok.

  charlton200 19:38 27 Feb 2007

Sorry that was ment to be Tiscali.

  charlton200 19:41 27 Feb 2007

I could not understand them at all. I caught one or two words and that was it.Not much point in having a support line if you can't hear them.

  Jimmy14 19:48 27 Feb 2007

I have an outstanding e-ticket from their website to be updated by one of their representatives. I can't be botherd phoning them to be told the same thing each time so I prefer typing. It seems to me that when you submit a problem via this service, they reply to it but when you update it they won't reply. That was the 12th of february I updated it and am still waiting on a reply. I would give their cust

  Jimmy14 19:50 27 Feb 2007

I would give their customer service an overall 3/10 and speed 5/10. I also got a email on Saturday saying I was downloading too much and if it continued they would limit my usage. If they try and limit my usage then I will simply move supplier. I don't usually download much but my friend asked me to download Suse Linux at 3.7Gb on Friday night for him. Only took about an hour mind you.

  charlton200 19:54 27 Feb 2007

My year is coming up and I'm looking else where.

  Stuartli 13:06 28 Feb 2007

The query is about Tiscali's PHONE support - not broadband.

Tiscali only offers a phone service to BT line subscribers but, I suspect, if you contacted BT it would refer you back to Tiscali.

  Stuartli 13:07 28 Feb 2007

Above posting is based on the assumption that charlton200 is complaining about his Tiscali phone service, rather than telephoning a support line (it's somewhat ambiguous).

  charlton200 13:32 28 Feb 2007

My BT line is fine. I am even happy with my Tiscali broadband service.
What I am not happy about is on the occasions i have had to ring tiscali phone support, I have not been able to hear what the person was saying,and the person seem to be in enough country, and I was only able to catch a couple of words, which renders it useless, in my book.

I was only asking if it was my line or were other people suffering the same problem.
My phone line is usually very good.


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