The first time I've been less than happy with o2

  Chris the Ancient 14:39 29 Mar 2011

I've been with o2 broadband since nearly day 1 and have always been extremely happy with their (free) support line.

This morning, that changed.

I downloaded into Outlook last night (via Mailwasher) an email, from a friend, that had a couple of photos attached. It didn't download quite properly (it ended up in the wrong mail 'from' folder) and Mailwasher showed it still being on the server.

After that I had a couple of other emails notified by Mailwasher. Every time I tried to download that account, I got the dreaded POP server failed to respond alert. Hmmm... (Luckily, I managed to read the messages contents in Mailwasher.)

This morning I phoned the o2 help line to explain that there seemed to be something 'stuck' in my mail box on their server and that it was preventing me from even accessing my mail box. Things started going down hill.

The 'advisor' to whom I spoke had an accent (Irish) so thick that he was almost incomprehensible and he was as useful as an ashtray on a Harley-Davidson. He said that there was nothing that they could do; and didn't even offer a vague glimmer of hope.

In desperation, I tried clearing the 'stuck' email, and subsequent emails, using the delete function in Mailwasher. No luck, because Mailwasher uses the email program to do the deletion.

Finally, an inspiration. I used my iPhone to access the emails (again) and then used the delete function on that. It worked! My mailbox was emptied and now works again. As my account at o2 shows I have an iPhone, why couldn't my 'helpful advisor' thought of that.

In all honesty, I have *never* had any problems (in fact, I've always had the opposite) with o2... until then. It's a pity that one person has spoilt their record.

End of (mini) rant.

  spuds 16:39 29 Mar 2011

"why couldn't my 'helpful advisor' thought of that".

Perhaps it wasn't on the help and support screen prompt?.

Must say that I am very pleased with BT Cellnet (now o2). Never had a problem with my mobile phone service in all the years that I have used them, and over the past few days my ISP (Talk Talk) had to divert all my telephone calls to the o2 mobile phone service, due to a problem with Talk Talk broadband and telephone. More than a happy bunny with o2's helping part in this misfortune.

  GaT7 16:54 29 Mar 2011

Chris the Ancient, I may be wrong, but I thought these kinds of problems are caused by corrupted messages, or a problem with one's email client(s) - neither of which is really an ISP's responsibility to solve (much less the poor customer advisor!).

What you did was right though - accessed your account online & cleared the stuck & remaining emails (but couldn't you have done the same via your PC's web browser - would've been easier, right?).

About being 'in desperation' over it (come on - people are usually desperate over far greater things!), I reckon you may have overreacted, which has translated to your degree of upset over O2 not being able to provide you the answer. They 'messed-up' only once in several years & you have great cause for concern, enough to write a lengthy forum post about it? I think you need to take a step back to get a better perspective, & especially as it wasn't really their doing in the first place!

A few years ago I had an Internet connection-related problem, & was a bit miffed when my ISP (Virgin I think at the time) couldn't resolve it for me. So I asked for help on here (or on another forum) & they had me sorted within half an hour. My system's network/Internet settings had gotten corrupted & it was just a case of resetting/rebuilding them. Then I realised something: why should an ISP know how to solve that? It was a problem caused by my own system (& even unknowingly by myself), & was really NO fault of the ISP's whatsoever. Anyway, I hope you can come to the same conclusion :-), G

  Chris the Ancient 17:02 29 Mar 2011

It was only a mini-rant.

I was just a bit miffed that he couldn't even have made the suggestion of going in via another route. He was, basically, not interested in offering any help at all.

In the past, I have had a couple of things sorted by o2 advisers which were, basically not even there problem (like when I wanted to configure my Netgear router to the line instead of their massive box) and I've been grateful for that help.

So only one (small) gripe in all this time ain't that bad.

  Chris the Ancient 09:33 30 Mar 2011

Once I realised that I wasn't getting a lot of help, I tried deleting from the iPhone first and that did the trick. I've never even been into the webmail facility since I started with them - I've always either done it from my home pc or my iPhone.

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