First PC 4 very young child

  Technotiger 19:33 05 Mar 2007

Hi, has anyone any recommendations for a first pc for a very young child - NOT a toy run on batteries!
Not too expensive please. TIA.

  SANTOS7 20:07 05 Mar 2007

click here

Can't really advise on the hardware but there are some thoughts in the link that are interesting..

  Technotiger 20:15 05 Mar 2007

Hi, many thanks - yes, interesting. The child, not mine, is 4 years old shortly, his older brother (9yrs) shares his mums' pc. I have been attempting
to give them guidance, along with my Partner.

Thanks again.

  SANTOS7 20:30 05 Mar 2007

Kids are Kids are Kids Technotiger and i think if you actually just gave them the PC they would learn how to use it, the user guidelines which are solely down to the parents i would say must be adhered to it would be easy to sit them down and forget about them.
As for Pc itself set them up a limited account on their mums that way you can limit the use easier..

  wjrt 21:21 05 Mar 2007
  The Brigadier 21:22 05 Mar 2007

Depends if you want to go for a desktop pc or a laptop.
If a laptop then spmething like click here cheap, but will do the job.
If you after a desktop pc then try click here No monitor, but you can pick one up in Tesco's for £100
Hope this helps.

  wjrt 21:24 05 Mar 2007

as with all dell deals reduce the support to i year collect and return and is £329 which i think is pretty good for 1024 mem . vista home premium , and 17" tft monitor

  moorie- 21:36 05 Mar 2007

i would get a half decent 2nd hand one,ive seen a few "whats it worth posts",the spec has been good,and more than adequate for the formative years

my 7 yr old wanted a pc so she and her sister didnt have to share,so i picked up a half decent second hand one that had dvd rom,on relatively quick processor and 512mb ram,incl os,monitor,mouse keyboard,speakers and software for £120 and networked it

she happily clicks away,watches dvds and surfs the net,loves music and occasional word processing
her only request was not slow like grandads!

ps laptops=spilled drinks and dropping alot!

  Technotiger 21:41 05 Mar 2007

Thanks a lot for your input - looks like it is gonna be Novatech.


  Technotiger 21:43 05 Mar 2007

Thanks - I agree 2nd hand would be ok - my Partner has other ideas, ah well. Thanks for your input.

  SANTOS7 21:44 05 Mar 2007

Not a bad idea, i like their stuff, good luck with the guidance, course you know where to come when the little cherubs have done the PC up like a kipper!!

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