first laptop advice

  doggypoggy 15:49 02 Nov 2009

so i am going to uni soon and am looking to get a laptop around £400.
i would be looking mainly to use it for coursework, browsing the internet, downloadin and watching tv episodes on. Would like it to have a hdmi slot but its not absolutely essential.

i would like it to have 3-4gb ram and im not too bothered about the size of the hdd.

it would not be used for gaming much however when diablo 3 eventually comes out i would like to be able to play that. if it would work out cheaper to just update the graphics card on my desktop pc to play that then i would rather do that, so please say so. i dont know very much about this sort of stuff.

i have been lookin at:
click here


click here#

what do use think and are there any other deals you would recommend at the moment?

  ape3000 17:08 02 Nov 2009

I would give a go to see what quotes you get. Just enter what you need and your budget and let the suppliers come to you with their best deals.

Hope this helps.

  Woolwell 19:12 02 Nov 2009

Personally I would go for the Dell out of the two.
A proviso - a laptop under £500 is not going to be much good for gaming but suitable for general work and the usage you state. Laptops are very much more difficult to upgrade.
As for an upgrade to your desktop we would need to know its specs including PSU etc.

ape3000 seems to be promoting - spam?

  doggypoggy 21:48 02 Nov 2009

ok thankyou for the responses, i applied for one of those quotes on hope it wasnt a spam site :/

woolwell thankyou for the information, so i guess i will leave the gaming part out of the situation and leave that to my desktop. so now im basically looking for a laptop that is quick, good for watching video's and working on.
are there any deals that people no of right now that i should jump at the opportunity to get?

  Covergirl 11:21 03 Nov 2009

. . . . a decent gaming laptop for £400, but you will get a decent general purpose laptop, and a well specc'd one too.

Rather than go online and buy, why not consider Currys (who also sell Dells), Comet or PC World, then at least you can take it back to the shop if it goes wrong rather than having to package it up and wait for a courier which could be difficult if you're at Uni. All I would say is stay away from the reconditioned / refurbished goods and stick to a brand name like Compaq, HP, Acer, Samsung, PB etc

There are some good deals in the shops at the moment, for example this Acer click here 2.1ghz Intel Dual Core, 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Webcam, Wireless, HDMI etc.

I don't know the requirements for Diablo3 but unless you get dedicated graphics on the laptop you'll probably be unable to run it. Stick to the desktop for games.

  ape3000 11:55 03 Nov 2009

There are also some deals on ebay, but beware as there are fakes going about imported from China.

Woolwell - no I just bought my gaming pc through this site recently and saved myself some dosh - only letting others know about it.

I would agree with Woolwell on Dell being a good buy, as these are reliable.

I would stay clear of high street stores as you will probably end up getting less spec for your money.

  doggypoggy 15:19 03 Nov 2009

what do people think of this laptop click here

i dont know much about laptops but it seem really cheap for those specs?

  Woolwell 15:31 03 Nov 2009

The Dell is probably better value as the ebuyer one does not come with an OS and you would have to add the cost of that on.

ape3000 - understood.

  ape3000 18:39 03 Nov 2009

I wouldnt be tempted by that myself, it appears to be a Clevo M765TG?? But I may be wrong...

What is battery life like? Will you need a replacement in a few months?? If you type Clevo M765TG battery in google UK, only ebauyer comes up.

You will need to pay for shipping from the US etc...

Just a thought.

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