first flat screen

  tony60 17:16 14 May 2011

looking to buy my first flat screen tv,42in or over,about £500 to £600,any ideas will be helpfull and will i have to by any new cables etc or can i just use the old ones,tony

  961 18:59 14 May 2011

Your old cables may well be scart, in which case you need to start again

HDMI is the way to go

  wjrt 19:36 14 May 2011

looks good and HDMI cables from

  chub_tor 22:07 14 May 2011

I have no experience with 3D TV so can't comment on the one in the link from wjrt but having had a Panasonic 42" Plasma for 5 years now (and yes I paid a fortune for it) I would not hesitate in recommending Panasonic to any potential buyer. If I was buying today I would certainly look for 42" again and I would definitely want built in Freeview HD. The choice of Plasma or LCD is always difficult and models need to be compared side by side. Plasma traditionally has had better blacks, less smearing on fast moving reds and a wider viewing angle but it is heavier, hotter and less bright than LCD. Go for the best screen resolution you can afford and make sure that it is native (not upscaled) 1080P

Go for a good branded make such as Panasonic, Sony, LG, Toshiba, etc and avoid the Tesco/Currys style home brands. John Lewis do 5 year warranty on TV's so whoever you buy from stress this and see if they will match it at no extra charge.

  carver 13:38 15 May 2011

You haven't said whether you are watching from a set top box ie sky or watching from an aerial connection because this will effect whether you need new cables or not.

If you do need say a HDMI cable do not be talked into buying an expensive one, £15-£20 is max to pay because 99.9% people can not tell the difference between a cheep one and one costing 5 times the price.

Some of the newer TV's are now LED back lit and these do give a better picture.

But if I were you I would definitely consider buying from John Lewis their after sales are second to none, plus a great warranty on TV's.

  tony60 13:49 15 May 2011

yes i have a set top box,i will take a look at john lewis,

  wee eddie 09:44 17 May 2011

FE told

  wiz-king 08:08 19 May 2011

Make sure you room is big enough. Watching a large screen from too close can cause eye strain as your eyes are constantly having to adjust to the position of the object you are viewing - a touch of the Wimbledon rubber neck syndrome.

  v1asco 10:31 19 May 2011

I have sony bravias 3 yrs old but great in HD. Feel a little envious when I see how thin the LED ones are now, and if I was buying now that is what I would go for. If you have Sky, threaten to leave them. I did and got a new HD+ box from them at no charge with free installation. There is no extra charge after that, but only BBC1,ITV,4 and 5 are hd unless you take out the HD package. At the same time I switched to sky talk from BT and my overall TV,BB and phone package saves me £12 pm for only a 12 month contract. You also get anytime + allowing downloading of some series/films though this is a bit hit and miss,choice wise and if you have 2 sat feeds you can record 2 progs at a time. My dvd recorder is practically redundant now. Scart is ok if your other boxes are not HD but HDMI as said previously is best. Don't be fooled into paying a lot for the cable.

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