Firewire port present but not connected!

  salsin 22:38 20 Aug 2007

Has anyone else experienced this and how did you get on?
In Feb. 07 I bought an Evesham PC Advisor Solar GSI desktop; not by mail order but at their H.O. showroom in Evesham. I discuused my requirements at length with their salesman, in particular the need for firewire as I wanted to transfer video off my camcorder and edit it on the PC. I also quizzed him about whether Roxio (bundled with the PC) was OK for this. He showed me in the showroom the PC in question, showed me the firewire port in it and confirmed the suitability of Roxio. It was only recently that I tried hooking up the camcorder - no response from the PC. The camcorder was then tested on a Mac which recognised it immediately. Evesham's response to my subsequent query was that the port wasn't connected to the mainboard because I "hadn't ordered it".
My assertion is that their employee knew my needs and that they have supplied me with a PC which is not fit the purpose for which it was intended. I was told that the PC came with firewire and I argue that if it (the connection) needed to be ordered specially and wasn't, then it was negligence by their employee, not by me. Sadly, I have nothing in writing to corroborate my discussion in their showroom.
Has anyone else had this same experience? If so, did you get satisfaction from Evesham?

  Kate B 01:20 21 Aug 2007

I can see why you're miffed, but frankly it would be easier just to open up the case and connect the firewire port to the motherboard yourself rather than get bogged down with Evesham. It will take you a few minutes and save you endless hassle.

  wee eddie 09:02 21 Aug 2007

is Common.

cases, backplates, whatever, are made to a standard which usually includes all the possible connections. having a number of them not connected is a factor of the specification that you order.

When you ordered the PC, did you receive a Specification, and did you read it. have you still got it.

If it said that Firewire was enabled then you should be able to pursue your claim. If it was not mentioned, then I suggest that Kate's solution will save you time and trouble.

There are times when trying to prove a point is a waste of energy and money. If you have no proof, and bearing in mind Evesham's parlous situation, I would take the line of least resistance.

  salsin 21:36 22 Aug 2007

Thx for your thoughts. The "Order Confirmation" did not specify that firewire would be connected, but then neither did it confirm how many USB ports there would be on the front panel. Being slightly flippant, neither did it state that the on/off switch would work!
My only concern about opening it up/doing the job myself, is that the case is protected by a "seal" and that I might find myself in trouble again if I do need Evesham on-site service (assuming it survives)and they refuse to honour it because the back has been opened!

  wee eddie 22:39 22 Aug 2007

is to ring them.

Among other things the Mother Board you have may not have a Fire Wire Connection. In which case you will have to install a card.

click here

  salsin 23:01 22 Aug 2007

You are right. Evesham have already stated that the mainboard has no firewire connection & that I will have to buy a separate card.

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