Firewall/Anti-virus Software

  Darcy 17:12 26 May 2004

Hi everybody

On 1 July my local exchange will be enabled for broadband. Can you recommend if I should buy an Internet Security software package with everything in it, or separate items? Which ones do you recommend?

Thank you

  spuds 17:42 26 May 2004

If you use dial-up or broadband it will make very little difference to the security/protection software that you use.Different people have their favourites, but personally I use some of the freebies, which are readily available and well recommended.

My little box of tricks covers most things, and I can say that they have worked for me 100% everytime. My personal selection :ZoneAlarm,AVG,AdAware,SpyBot,SpywareBlaster. Some of them are available from click here

  €dstowe 18:10 26 May 2004

As spuds says, no need to buy anything for security. All of those programs suggested work very well indeed although I have a personal "thing" against Zone Alarm but that is just me, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with the program.

I think you will have far more problems with a bought and paid for Security Suite than you will with this collection of free programs. (Look in the pages here at all the difficulties people have with Norton and McAfee).


  krypt1c 18:36 26 May 2004

The 'spuds' package is the one for me

  Belatucadrus 19:50 26 May 2004

Free singles avast! AV click here and Kerio firewall click here

or if you want a package EZarmor click here only free for a year though.

  Cook2 20:02 27 May 2004

With spuds here except for the AV, I use Avast! and Avast! cleaner.

  mbp 21:37 27 May 2004

Darcy, I have used the free for one year EZArmor program and so far it has worked beautifully for me. Easy to use, easy with auto update, and easy to configure if you need to after using Shields Up. After 12 months, who knows what will be on the horizon? Make sure you know the proceedure to download, delete conflicting programs before installing. Ask around if you don't!

  mbp 21:45 27 May 2004

Sorry, on rereading your question. The soft option is to accept the BB's security paid for program. It is safe, it is comprehensive, it is not cheap, and you can even get it charged monthly by direct debit, but it will protect you. This is for those who like IT to be simple and at the press of a button and don't want to be bothered with details, and have sufficient disposable income not to worry about messing about.

  puma0377 23:00 27 May 2004

Just to add my tuppence, i used sygate firewall, did the job, and spybot both free, both worked well. no problems so far with macafee or norton, so far touch wood....

  johnsims 19:30 28 May 2004

Strongly suggest you do not use Zone Alarm Version 5. A look at the Z A forum will reveal that the new release has serious pfoblems. They will fix them, but don't go beyond a 4.5 build until they do.

Better still, buy a router such as the Netgear with NAT and Stateful Packet Inspection built in. Only protects inbound, Z A etc (but not Windows XP firewall - make sure you turn it off) all offer outbound protection as well.


  mbp 22:18 28 May 2004

puma, it is all not very clear to me.
Firstly, you should only have one Firewall, and one Antivirus program on one machine at one time, as you could run into serious conflicts otherwise.
(1)Sygate - is a Firewall
(2)Spybot-Search and Destroy is not a FW or AV, it is a software for detecting spyware and for removing it.
(3)Mcafee is usually an AV and /or FW combination
(4)Norton is usually a AV and/or FW combination.

If you only have (1) & (2) then you need something like AVG as well.

If you have all four on your computer, then good luck! Best discuss your set up further with either this forum or computer friends.

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