Firewall test results

  jimv7 12:27 29 Sep 2007

Intertesting reading from click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:41 29 Sep 2007

I predict a flurry of hacking/security paranoia until the next 'test'.


  Snec 14:11 29 Sep 2007

I agree, it is very interesting. Thanks!

  SB23 17:10 29 Sep 2007

I think its funny that I've just switched back to Comodo, as I was getting problems with ZA.
Based on the results, looks like it was a good time to change.
Thanks for the info.


  Daibus 12:27 30 Sep 2007


  961 14:44 30 Sep 2007

This just shows that you have to be constantly watching for this sort of stuff. Also, however, that you need to consider how good some of these surveys are

We all need a top grade virus checker, firewall, and at least one spyware catcher.

By no means does this mean that the most expensive is the best. As this particular survey shows, the best turned out to be free

You do need to think how much dosh the most expensive throw at the computer manufacturers to get their software installed free for a time on many computers

  DieSse 15:21 30 Sep 2007

You have some reason to not want to use a product that does well in tests - particularly a free one?

Or do you just think tests are useless - in which case perhaps you could give us some superior criteria on which to base product choice please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:33 30 Sep 2007

I have not used a firewall for 4 years and just use AVG free and Spyware Terminator. Virtually every 'infection' that I see has been caused by the user inadvertently downloading a 'pay up' programme or a Trojan. No firewall will protect against these. My views on Firewalls have been written on here many times with most venom reserved for Steve 'I'll twist the truth to suit my programme' Gibson. There is an inordinate amount of hype about HOME computer security which is entering the world of paranoia and I get the feeling that some forums positively relish this so that they can call themselves Arthurian names and heap praise upon their malware 'warriors'.

Common sense, and rocket science it ain't, will be of much more use than trying to rely on a firewall and having no understanding of what you are agreeing to or downloading.


  gudgulf 16:38 30 Sep 2007

Open the link in the original posting and scroll down to the Vendor's responses.Find the one by Sunbelt Software and you will see a number of reasons why the Leak tests used in this comparison are not necessarily a good guide to he effectiveness of a firewall.

In particular "The key assumption of "leak testing" -- namely, that it is somehow useful to measure the outbound protection provided by personal firewalls in cases where malware has already executed on the test box -- strikes us as a questionable basis on which to build a security assessment. Today's malware is so malicious and cleverly designed that it is often safest to regard PCs as so thoroughly compromised that nothing on the box can be trusted once the malware executes. In short, "leak testing" starts after the game is already lost, as the malware has already gotten past the inbound firewall protection."

That's not to say that passing all the tests is a bad thing either.

More a vote for the common sense approach advocated by GANDALF <|:-)> ......although i DO use a firewall...currently PC Tools free one for Vista.

  john bunyan 17:50 30 Sep 2007

I use Bullguard 7. Cant see any mention of it !

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