Firewall & Spyware

  Granger 11:25 20 May 2003

I have a laptop with Norton AntiVirus nicely up to date. I don't want to mess with the NAV, so what should I add for a firewall?

I've seen mention of things like Zone Alarm - is this still the thing to have? And should I add in something like Adaware, or does Zone Alarm do the same job? Can you lot run through some alternatives for me?

  Belatucadrus 13:10 20 May 2003

There are several good free firewalls available, all have their supporters on the forum, ZoneAlam you already know, but there are also my favorite Kerio 2 click here , Sygate click here & Outpost click here . Firewalls control the flow of info to and from your PC and keep hackers out while you are on the net, general oppinion is that for a dial up connection you probably don't need one, for broadband it's a must have. I'm on dial up and my view is they're free so why take the chance.
Spyware cleaners like adaware click here and Spybot click here find and remove tracking cookies that marketing companies drop on your PC to track your browsing habits. They do this anonymously so are fairly harmless, but I object to stuff that spys on you being sneaked in, so always clean up with spybot on a regular basis. You can also use Spywareblaster click here , this sets "Kill bits" that stop a lot of spyware ever getting on your machine .
I've never had any clashes between antivirus, firewall or spyware cleaner so recommend using all three. You can install adaware and spybot at the same time, some people use both to ensure a comprehensive clean up, don't use multiple antivirus or firewalls, they can clash and cause problems.

  Granger 14:47 20 May 2003

I have broadband, and have NIS on the PC, but the laptop goes out and about and often goes surfing through wireless networks. I need a firewall for sure. I'll look at the 4 you mention.

Any other opinions about good and bad firewalls?

  Belatucadrus 17:50 20 May 2003

click here for the Webattack firewall page, it shows their star ratings on all the above as you can see Kerio, Sygate & Zone alarm all get 5/5 with Outpost turning in a still very healthy 4/5. Sygate gives you more features, but at just over 5Mb you'd expect it to, that's one of the reasons I like Kerio just over 2Mb, does all the blocking that I want and doesn't throw up stupid warnings every time somebody pings the system.

  Granger 19:02 20 May 2003

Thanks for this - really useful information.

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