Firewall: HW vs Software

  Peter-202202 23:38 20 Feb 2005

Will shortly be in receipt of a new computer.

Have a Telewest Broadband connection and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions as to which products are half decent.

Was previously using Norton AV and Firewall but gave up on the Av side when it stopped working on update.

Any views/advice on which type of Firewall would be appreciated



  HXP 00:16 21 Feb 2005

I use AVG ( free ) and Zone alarm ( free ) on one machine (win 98 ) and Norton Internet Security Suite on my XP machine as well as Spybot & Adaware. All avaialable if you search using Google.

Both machines have survived 8 months of broadband life.

I also have a hardware firewall on my router but that is a recent addition.

Matter of choice which way you go - I couldn't afford 2 x Norton so went for the freebie on 2nd machine.


  wee eddie 10:54 21 Feb 2005

If you have a "Hardware" Firewall on your Modem/Router.

Should you also install a software one as well.

  JonnyTub 11:03 21 Feb 2005

I use a hardware firewall built into my router, i don't have any firewall installed on the wired lan desktop, but i do have sygate running on the wireless laptop. I get the same reults from firewall test sites, all stealthed and protected.

Reach your own conclusion's from that ;-)

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