firefox addons i find useful, ad yours......

  AL47 00:20 23 Nov 2008

dont know if this has been done, a search and i couldnt find a similar one, but say if there is

i thought it would be useful for people to share any unknown/common addons that others may find useful

i use

WOT - tells u if a url is safe based upon users own ratings [headfi is excellent]

Adblock - obvious

AIO sidebar - really useful, descrete sidebar for addons, downloads, history etc

Autofil - fills in addresses, email ads etc
Dictionary - spellchecker

Download helper - youtube [similar sites] video downloader

Fast dial - presents you with a grid of bookmarked web pages as a homepage

Google preview - preview of web page next its google result

IE tab - runs pages in internet explorer mode

Image bot - very efficient image hosting from browser of imageshack and photobucket, lets u see all your images on server att the touch of a button

RIP - manaul ad removal for those that adblock cant get

  Forum Editor 00:27 23 Nov 2008

from Speakers Corner.

  Kemistri 02:36 23 Nov 2008

I have quite a number that I rely on. Most of them relate to website development, some are for content blocking, and the rest just make some useful changes that about:config doesn't include.

- Web dev toolbar
- Firebug and FirePHP
- CSS viewer
- DOM inspector and Inspect This
- RSS validator
- JS View (retrieves script files)
- SQL Inject Me (SQL testing)
- ColorZilla (colour picker tool)
- DT Whois (domain lookup)
- IE View
- NoScript
- FixIF (adds EXIF data to image properties)
- Tab Clicking Options
- New Tab Homepage (should not need an add-on for this)
- FEBE (backuptool for Firefox)
- Oldbar (fixes the address bar)
- Add Bookmark Here
- Adblock Plus
- British English Dictionary

  sunnystaines 18:44 23 Nov 2008

I am presently using the

firefox optimiser in IObit ASC3

download accelerator plus [free ver]

  DippyGirl 12:49 24 Nov 2008

The ones I seem to have stuck with :

Adblock Plus
Colorful Tabs - I know I'm sad
DownloadHelper - Capture videos
Britsh English Dictionary
FaviconPicker - Add/change bookmark icons
Foxmarks - Bookmark synchroniser
FreeDownLoad Manager
IE Tab - render using IE instead of FF
iMacros - record and replay what you do
LastPass - Password/Form manager
PDF Downloader
PlainOldFavorites - makes your IE Favourites available to FF
ReminderFox - ToDos and Reminders will also install in Thunderbird
ScrapBook - Capture and annotate webpages
TorButton - Toggle TOR Proxy

LastPass, PlainOldFavourites and Foxmarks are probably the ones I couldnt live without

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