Fining Spammers - they way it should be done

  Jester2K II 07:41 27 Oct 2003

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"California has won a landmark judgement with its first anti-spam ruling after a court fined a marketing firm $2m for sending out millions of unsolicited e-mails telling people how to spam."


"After 1 January, the state's anti-spam laws will get tougher and will also allow private individuals to sue spammers and collect damages of up to $1,000 per e-mail."

  MichelleC 08:24 27 Oct 2003

About time too. Next year I'm going to spam them all with lawsuits.

  Belatucadrus 12:02 27 Oct 2003

Shows the UK governments suggested £5000 for the miserable waste of time it is, $2M will shut them down, £5K is an operating expense. In Italy the figure is £66K, when will we catch on ?

  Muzziad 14:29 27 Oct 2003

Unfortunately until this is law everywhere can't the spammers just move to a different state and carry on?

I'm no legal eagle but my wife is American and I know that what is law in one state isn't necessarily law in another.

I do agree though that it's a good result!

  spuds 19:10 27 Oct 2003

Trying to bring someone on a far away island to book, is going to be a long hard uphill struggle.

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