Fingerprinting P2P pirates

  Andÿ 11:13 22 Feb 2003

While I'm dreading starting another endless should/shouldn't thread I thought this info far tooo important and interesting to leave out of here :o)

click here


If you think this thread will start a war of words or it gets a bit silly please remove or lock it :o)

  Forum Editor 11:21 22 Feb 2003

I'll be watching it.

  Coaster3 12:27 22 Feb 2003

A link from your link

Kazaa strikes back (sounds like the title of a film!)

click here

  Scouse 15:05 22 Feb 2003

Kazaa, that little green "K" on my quick launch is probably one of the most clicked icons on my PC.

Question - Does using Kazaa make me a thief?

Answer - According to some, yes. According to others, No.

I use P2P for a variety of reasons but mainly for music. I dont sell what I have on my HDD. I listen to it. I dont reproduce CD's full of content and distribute it. I could never afford the collection on my HDD.

Long live Kazaa.


  Djohn 15:35 22 Feb 2003

I have to save long and hard for any programs/software/hardware that I use on, or in my PC.

I have been saving for almost a year now to buy my Win xp Pro. (Now purchased) Only to find that my Office Program is not what it should have been, Legal! (Reported to M/S license and piracy Dept.)

I have bought Works Suite 2003 to keep me going until I can afford the Office suite I want (Office xp).

Now because of the actions of an un-scrutable person, I have to start saving all over again.

This person from whom I bought my original copy of Office. (Just over three years back) sold it to me at full price and I had no reason to doubt his or the programs validity.

It came from an established local business that built my first PC. and supplied all software. Now no longer in business, and I have no redress.

I think, what I'm trying to say is, It's not the Programs that are on the Internet for us to use, but the abuse of them, and theft of copyright material, that can have long reaching effects, and cause distress to unwary people.

I now have to try and copy two years of work created/saved in Excel into the lesser functions of the spread sheet within 2003, I have not yet tried, so I'm unaware of what problems I may come up against. Regards J.

  Andÿ 15:42 22 Feb 2003

You are far tooooo touchy nobody called you a thief or passed judgment on you relax :o)

The reason I posted "If you think this thread will start a war of words or it gets a bit silly please remove or lock it" is because people over react and we can't post info about P2P without it getting very silly.

Can't we just leave the how dare you attitude.

People know themselves if they are doing wrong and if you use Kazaa for legit reasons then there is no problem (and no reason to react) and if you use it for downloading copyright material yes it's theft and what is wrong with saying it ?? It does not need an aggressive response like we normaly get as nobody is accusing you of murder :o)

If I used Kazaa I would not feel the need to aggressively defend it's legit use as that goes without saying and we are not saying P2P is illegal or wrong.

If I used Kazaa to download copyright material I would not feel the need to aggressively defend it's use as what I was doing would be illegal and up to me if I do it but illegal all the same.

FE I think it may be near the time :o( Sorry for starting it but I thought we may have past the 'How dare you' stage of P2P threads.

  Forum Editor 17:05 22 Feb 2003

"I use P2P for a variety of reasons but mainly for music"

Nothing wrong with that at all, unless you are downloading copyright-protected music without paying for it. Then indeed you are doing something illegal.


You say "I could never afford the collection on my HDD" which leads me at least to surmise that you may be using KaZaa to take music without paying for it, and that is indeed theft. Never mind what some people say, and never mind whether you (or anyone else) disagree with the copyright law, it's the law, and taking something that belongs to someone else without paying for it is theft........we cannot and do not condone it, any more than we would condone walking up to the local pub and getting a pirate music CD from a mate. It's exactly the same offence.

  powerless 19:25 22 Feb 2003

For the last, i don't know...

7 years, maybe more...

I've been watching Videos and more recently DVDs, - all legal - Brought from either WHsmith or Woolworths.

For Example last week i brought "Blade II" (excellent movie by the way)...

Popped the DVD in the player and watched it, then accessd the extra scenes etc - wonderful it was...

Now my next door neighbour does the same, in fact we probably all do.

However, i tend to "lend" and "borrow" DVD's from my neighbour and visa versa. No doubt i'll be passing "Blade II" over to my neighbour for him to watch and hopefully he would have brought something new, so he'll be passing something back for me to watch. Keep them for a few days then pass them back. Like i say the DVD are legal.

Is this illegal?

  bremner 19:43 22 Feb 2003

The only difference between Scouse and the massively overwhelming majority of people in this country is that he / she is honest and up front about what he / she has done.

This thread is pointless and has been done to death a million times. I'm afraid it should have been killed at birth as it was inevitable that it would degenerate as these threads always do.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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