fine details of hosting packages-help!!

  turkeylurkey 19:06 29 Jan 2003

hello I'm looking for a host for my site and have narrowed it down to BT, OneandOne and (low cost names). is the cheapest but has anyone here had any dealings with them?
also, what's the difference between NT,Linux and Unix hosting? does it matter?

does it matter how many sub domains/webspace/traffic a host lets you have? realistically, I'm not expecting to be the next dotcom millionaire! the folder with all the files for my site weighs in at 1Mb on 21 pages (so far).

I'm new to this and could do with some advice.


  Forum Editor 00:03 30 Jan 2003

1. Reliability - you want to be sure that your site will be online all day, every day.

2. Versatility - you may want to try out Microsoft FrontPage at some point (it's an excellent aplication, and increasingly popular), and this will mean that you will want your host to install FrontPage extensions on the server. It's easy to do, and the extensions are free, but some hosts make heavy weather of it. Find out in advance.

3. Approachability - can you talk to a human being, or does the host avoid personal contact? Some very cheap hosting companies provide email support only, and it can be very frustrating to wait days for the answer to a technical question.

Make sure that there are no unduly restrictive bandwidth limits - what's the point of launching the new 'Friends reunited' and attracting a million visitors a week if your web host limits your file transfer to 500Mb a month? Additional bandwidth charges can be crippling, so find out before you commit.

Don't worry too much about the differences between the various server types - they'll all run your site quite happily - but do make sure that the host makes adequate security arrangements. You don't want to be hosted on a machine that runs unattended in an unlocked boxroom for weeks on end.

Most hosting packages will provide far more server space than you're likely to need, and this isn't usually a worry. If you register a domain with a host, make sure you get written confirmation that you are the domain registrant. Some unscrupulous hosts have been known to register customers' domains to themselves, and this makes life very difficult if you decide to move your domain to a new host.

  turkeylurkey 09:39 30 Jan 2003

very much for the advice. just one question: what is a restrictive amount of bandwidth? is 10,000 Mb per month generous? a lot seem to offer that.


  tran1 11:04 30 Jan 2003

10,000 Mb per month is ver Generous!

On a Home package, the average bandwith given is about 3,000Mb per month.

  VEG 11:49 30 Jan 2003

check out click here they have a good home entry package for £69 per year.20MB Web Space

Internet Access for Modem or ISDN
1 POP3 Mailbox
CGI Bin (running Perl 5.04)
WAP enabled hosting
1GB Data Transfer Month
Web based email
Web site statistics
Unlimited email forwarding
Unlimited FTP Access
Email and online support

This is the link for the page click here

  turkeylurkey 13:33 30 Jan 2003

thanks guys

VEG do you know if you're allowed to use that package for business??

  turkeylurkey 13:47 30 Jan 2003 here

i've been checking them out and i can get everything i need for £5.95p/m

do you think they're ok?

  turkeylurkey 13:48 30 Jan 2003 here

i've been checking them out and i can get everything i need for £5.95p/m

i sent them an email and a real person(not an autoresponder)answered within 15 minutes!

but maybe they have no customers....

do you think they're ok?

  VEG 23:59 03 Feb 2003

I think you can use it for small business

  turkeylurkey 10:47 04 Feb 2003

thankyou for your help

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