s3mt3x 18:46 16 Aug 2004

Hi Guys,

The Anger Builds...

I've been fed up recently of having to surf the web with my security settings set to maximum to remove the threat of browser take overs, add aware etc. It has got to the point now where people are just saying it's ok to have constant pop-ups, several search bars and a browser that has a mind of its ownI'm sick to death of NT Search, Hotbar and all of the other companies that actually think they are clever. Isn't it about time we fought back and said enough is enough?

A possible Solution...

I was watching a documentary the other day which gave me an idea - how about a piece of software designed simply to combat the root of the problem - the add aware servers!

What I had in mind was either an applett or system tray application that downloads a list of addware servers and bombards them with http requests untill the server crashes. I'm not sure of the legal implications of such a piece of software but I think this software would face less legal attention than the actual servers themselves that infest our computers with dll after dll.

Anyway - it was just an idea that I thought I'd float and see what response I got.

  Forum Editor 19:04 16 Aug 2004

you'll get from me is a locked thread.

The anger might build, and many people share your understandable frustration, but I'm afraid your proposed solution is illegal, and would drop you in some very hot water indeed. In this situation you don't fight fire with fire I'm afraid.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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