Cant.think.of.a.username 13:36 13 Mar 2015

Hi. I have 2 land lines to my home. Business & home.Both have separate routers. 1 with Talk Talk, 1 with BT ( work provided ). I've always been happy like this as I have a wife watching catch up soaps on the smart TV, a teenager daughter streaming films on 1 router then my son on the xbox and me playing counter strike on the other router. My work are now saying they are stopping providing the BT connection and I need to source my own. Question is do I keep a happy home with 2 separate routers / internet providers or go fibre on Talk Talk ? I've tried just using 1 router ( Talk Talk 4 mbps speed test current package ) and the house can't cope. Thanks in advance Mr J

  The Kestrel 17:11 13 Mar 2015

Have you checked the BT line to see if Infinity fibre is available?

  Cant.think.of.a.username 18:22 13 Mar 2015

Thanks for reply. yes and it is EA or soon to be ready. If is was ready, is that the way to go or keep 2 routers / isp ?

  The Kestrel 21:24 13 Mar 2015

I have BT Infinity in Hampshire and get a consistent 37-38Mb downstream and 9-10Mb upstream. In terms of reliability, I have had very few outages in over 2 years of having Infinity. We have two PCs, two mobile phones and a tablet sharing without problems. I am not a gamer and do not stream movies etc. so not in a position to comment on how your set up might cope with Infinity. I am sure there will be other forum users who could give a more informed opinion.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:28 14 Mar 2015

Cant.think.of.a.username, TalkTalk don't have their own fibre network as they use the BT one so the speed and performance between the two providers should be virtually identical.

In my opinion, it sounds a bit daft to have two ISP contracts (and subscriptions) so my advice is to upgrade your current TalkTalk package to fibre.

  alanrwood 10:15 14 Mar 2015

Go with single fibre and a network switch. There is also usually the option for an 80Mb/s connection for a little extra cash each month. I test out at a download of around 76Mb/s and upload of around 18Mb/s. I D/L lots of very large files and there are up to 9 computers connected at the same time and never really had any problems.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 13:16 14 Mar 2015

thanks for replies. It hasn't been daft so far as i currently don't have access to fibre so the only option has been 2 routers ( 1 I don't pay for / is provided by my employer ). I'm told fibre will be available very soon but as I don't know anyone with fibre ( as mentioned not available yet at my current area ) I just wanted confirmation that fibre will sort so thanks for advise, especially hearing 9 computers downloading large files copes. That gives me confidence in fibre :-).

@alanrwood why do you recommend network switch ? Talk Talk has been excellent. I've only BT only has for a few years and I've had multiple ' lift and shifts ' / problems!

Thanks again for all replies.

Mr J

  Secret-Squirrel 13:38 14 Mar 2015

Sorry if I offended you in any way Mr J. I understand that your employer is currently paying for the BT connection but you said you're considering having two Internet providers after this arrangement had ceased. Having just the one super-fast connection with TalkTalk seems the best of the options you're considering.

I'm wondering too about the network switch as the only reason I can think of is to increase the number of Ethernet connections. If most of the family are using wireless then the TalkTalk router's four gigabit Ethernet ports will probably be enough for you all.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 14:18 14 Mar 2015

Thanks S-S and no offence taken. I agree. It is daft having 2 ISP's but I can not keep 2 teenagers, the wife and my gaming smooth enough without 2 ISP's.

Hopefully fibre available soon. Last issue with the BT line I had the engineer said that the exchange was ready for fibre and seemed genuinely surprised when I said it was not a current option.

How long do you think it will take to be available ?

( realise only BT has control of that answer but just wondered if anyone has any idea )


  Secret-Squirrel 15:41 14 Mar 2015

"How long do you think it will take to be available ? "

I don't know but the TalkTalk fibre availability checker might tell you - click here.

  alanrwood 19:17 14 Mar 2015

I suggested a switch because if you have two current ISP broadband connections I assumed you wanted to connect more than one computer at a time. Some routers do include more than one RJ45 port but some don't.

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