Feel like ramming my head in a brick wall with BT

  tillybaby 13:56 23 Dec 2009

Cut a two year story as short as possibe I have been having no end of problems with my landline and it all boils down to the engineers not being able to access the telegraph pole because it has a D in a red circle painted on it, that apparently means they will lose their jobs because of health and safety issues. When a fault has appeared the engineers have done their best for me but of course everything has only been temporary, they have reported the situation to BT who have done nothing,

Roughly a month ago the landline went again and this time the engineer was unable to do anything at all until a new telegraph pole was installed and everything that goes with it so I've had no choice but to go to Virgin as I have a severely disabled son and need a landline,

The only communication from BT initially was a text saying they were aware of the problem and aimed to fix it on certain date, that date would pass and then another text with exactly the same message but a different date, the latest is a notification that they are going to work out how much I owe them as I've cancelled my contract - a contract that they're unable to fill as they still haven't fixed the problem.

This is where the severe frustration comes in. After explaining everything to the call centre person he replied with "They will work out how much you owe and send you the bill," NO I reply, "I am not paying for something they are unable to supply" The next thing he asks me is what package I was on so I told him BT Total so he then tries to sell it to me again, talk about frustrating. Next I'm being transferred to what I thought would be the account department to cancel the bill, not a bit of it I'm transferred to the faults department that tell me they are aware of the fault on my number,

At this point I hung up because my blood pressure felt like it was sky high. How on earth can a company as big as BT be so inefficient at a simple request or even putting someone through to the correct department? Unfortunately I have the same sorry scenario to go through again,

Hope you all have a very Happy and contented Christmas xx

  tillybaby 13:58 23 Dec 2009

I didn't mean ramming my head with BT but because of them - you can tell I'm stressed can't you?

  anchor 14:18 23 Dec 2009

I understand your frustration.

In your place I would write a recorded delivery letter to the CEO of BT at their registered address.

Mr Ian Livingston
Chief Executive,
British Telecom, 81,Newgate Street,

Clearly & fully explain the problem, and I believe that the matter will be resolved. It has worked for me.

  tillybaby 14:20 23 Dec 2009

Thank you so much for your quick and very informative response, I will do exactly what you say.

  Kevscar1 15:27 23 Dec 2009

Include in it that they are in breach of contract as they cannot supply what was promised and request compensation.

  tillybaby 15:33 23 Dec 2009

Yes, will do what you say too x

  Input Overload 16:59 23 Dec 2009

Dear BT the phone post outside my house rocks worryingly during high winds. I am concerned it may come down altogether causing extreme damage & even harm to people.

  rdave13 22:50 23 Dec 2009

Have a similar type of rotten 'telegraph pole' near my house that supplies lines for quite a few houses. Last call out for BT engineers resulted in the same 'unsafe' pole notice that will need replacing as unsafe for them to climb.
So the next time will have something to look foreward to...
Must say that when I reported a line fault and said I had two young children, needed the line working in case of any emergency with them, BT did react very quickly.

  tillybaby 06:31 24 Dec 2009

Rdave13, I'm sure there have been no end of officials surveying this pole hence me keep getting the texts but of course they're unable to do anything as the first engineer told them two years ago, firstly the pole is now in someone's garden or fenced off I should say, maybe years ago there wasn't a fence surrounding it and secondly I live in a built up area and so many addresses are used by this pole so it will be a major problem for them. Apparently an address has two junctions so that when one breaks they use the other, my address has already used all of these options so the only way they were able to get me back online initially was by joining the wire (I've got loops and all manner of things on my line) eventually everything has given up the ghost as the engineers said it would and I know BT have known about it because I've had the same engineers visiting my property and they've told me they reported it,

Fortunately I'm now on Virgin so have got a landline again but I'm determined I won't pay for the termination of my contract,

It wouldn't have been so bad but at exactly the same time as the landline went my mobile phone also had to go in for repair, talk about being cut off lolol.

  KremmenUK 07:20 24 Dec 2009

If the pole it too dangerous to climb then why don't they hire a cherry picker?

  BT 07:53 24 Dec 2009

I'm sure they probably have their own cherry pickers.
If they aren't allowed to climb the pole how do they disconnect all the wires to transfer them to the replacement pole.

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