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  flyover 21:33 28 Sep 2005

Just a cautionary tale really, I prepaid for a Sony Laptop from one of PC World branches in Surrey on last Wednesday. Before I pay for it, they guaranteed that I can collect the Laptop at any time on Tuesday at the latest date. I have been there on Monday in the evening just to see if I can collect the laptop or not.

However, they told me that the laptop has arrived, but they sold it by a mistake on that day. I was planning to get the laptop and away for a few days. So because of their breach of duty I have to change my entire plan.

They asked me to wait for another a few days or do a refund. I argue with one of their duty managers that I have paid for the laptop and been waiting for a week, then they just told me they sold the item by a mistake.

The duty manager has promised me that he is going to give me call to let me know when I can go to collect the laptop on Tuesday morning between 9 to 10. So I stayed at home to wait the call from him, but I have never heard from him.

So I did complain by phone with their customer service, told them the whole thing. They said will call me back in next half a hour as they need to check with the branch. I have been waited for about ONE HOUR AND HALF, not half a hour. They answer from them is the same, I have to wait. I have spent whole day at home just for waiting a phone call from PC World to confirm when I can get my laptop.

Not ended yet, keep the field today. As promised, the person from their customer service phoned me up about at 11 this morning, say that they have the laptop in that branch, ask me to collect. Every time I went there is my friend drive me there, but my mates they all gone away for a few days (i am supposed to be with them). So I asked for a delivery. One of the staff in the branch said that he needs to check the receipt will call me back in 10 mins. You properly can guess what has happened next. Yeah, I have been waited the within '10' mins phone call for another 3 hours. In the meantime, all the phone calls I made are through my mobile phone. After 3 hours waiting, I used my home telephone made a phone call, the staff called me when I was on the phone. He left a message say that will call me back later in the afternoon. Never did so, I phoned their customer service again, asked them to transfer me to that branch (we cannot phone the branch directly), the person in the branch is on lunch (having lunch at half pass 3, very possible), will call me back in the next half hour. Again, never did, so I phoned the customer service again, only ask for transfer me to the branch, no one pick up the phone. I have to wait for them call me back (have no idea when they are going to call me). Another day at home for nothing, except wait for phone calls and make phone calls with the PC World customer service.

Tomorrow is another day, see what is going to happen.

  RobCharles1981 22:42 28 Sep 2005

I don't like PC World Myself they are far too expensive on some of their products, if you look else were your far less likey too get it cheaper

  Skills 00:14 29 Sep 2005

Its frustrating I know, I'm in a similar situation with waiting for endless phone calls at the moment.

Maybe trying the direct approach would get you further, go to the store and ask to speak to the manager. Explain the situtation and state that you want to know when you are going to get your goods or you will be asking for a refund. Even if they don't have the goods in store there and then you might be able to get them to get moving on it and deliever it for free.

Its all too easy for a company to fob you off if you are on the end of the phone at least thats my experience anyway, not so if you are stood there in front of them.

  ade.h 01:07 29 Sep 2005

That kind of waiting time for return calls is unfortunately quite common these days, for various reasons, some of which are perfectly understandable and some less so. Generally though, the treatment that you've received is really poor and a little too common from PC World if past threads are indicative.

  pj123 12:27 29 Sep 2005

You have my sympathy. I have never even been in to a PC World store. Anything DSG is taboo to me.

Why does PC World seem to feature badly in some people's eyes, yet millions of others seem to fare OK?. At one time they used to be included in the Consumerwatch Section of the PC Advisor Magazine almost every month?

  numinbah 12:50 29 Sep 2005

The have not fulfilled their side of the contract

Get your money back and run run run.

  Magik ®© 14:30 29 Sep 2005

as was said above, get your money back..and if you know what you want, buy online, loads of them ship overnight, so you would have it in the morning........

  DarthFletcher 20:42 14 Jan 2006

That very unfortunate only ever had one instance of this at the PCW I work for, but it was the manager that was the reason for it being sold. I was the one that did the grunt work.

But its hard to do all the MCMR in one day, since we are called away constantly to serve the general public with their needs, that doesnt excuse the fact that the store couldnt be curtious to call you back within a exceptable time scale.

If the manager has promised to get you the unit or refund you thats all he can do, has far as a delivery we cant send out staff with units but rely on the courier that will add more time on the unit getting to you.

  dogiatrix 20:47 14 Jan 2006

If I were you - I'd buy the laptop from your local John Lewis store.
They'll do a price match with any local store (NOT internet prices) AND you'll get an extra year's warranty for free.

  SG Atlantis® 21:34 14 Jan 2006

That is unreasonable. You are willing to hand over your hard earned cash and wait for the laptop and are patient enough to wait. While you're patiently waiting someone else comes in and the shop sells your laptop to them. Hardly fair...

The management should be offering you some compensation for the wasted time and inconveniences this has caused you, not just "well ya can have your money back or wait longer" nonsense.

You know, if they don't offer some sort of token appology I'd take that refund and go else where. They obviously aren't that bothered about keeping you as a happy loyal customer.

  Kate B 14:07 15 Jan 2006

I'm not keen on PC World, only use it in extremis and I'd never buy anything big like a laptop from them. I second SG Atlantis: John Lewis if you must buy from a high street store.

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