FE - Any Feedback on your 1Mb ADSL please

  Zak 21:53 29 Apr 2004

If you have already done so please accept my apologies and direct me to the thread.

For the time being I have decided to stick with my 512Kbps ADSL. Especially as I was lucky enough to secure the £19.99 pm deal with Freeserve before they morphed into Wanadoo.


  Forum Editor 22:49 29 Apr 2004

although like many other things, you soon get used to it and accept it as the norm. No doubt I'll eventually want to upgrade to an even faster connection, but for the time being I'm quite happy with the 1Mb service.

  ch0pper 04:31 30 Apr 2004

When I got a 1MB service I was delighted.

Then my employers decided that I needed an even faster speed access so that I could indulge in better teleconferencing as well as shifting huge files about the place.

So, I now have a 2MB ADSL link and it's simply staggering how quickly files are downloaded, but I wish there as a 2MB/s uplink as well.

It seems that internet speed is a bit like cars. You want things faster and faster and are delighted when you get a new model, but soon become accustomed to its pace.

The one useful thing about the 2MB link is that it makes the home newtwork function better. Now my son can do his online gaming without having a sigfnificant effect on my use of the internet.

  byfordr 12:57 30 Apr 2004

Certainly agree! 2mb is the way forward. When I used my uncles 512kb connection I noticed a massive difference compared to 1mb. The 2mb was out of its league.


  Zak 19:04 30 Apr 2004

Thanks for your comments.

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