Fax for free?

  Bing of Bedford 15:22 16 Jan 2004

eFax apparently offers a free faxing service. Except while you are signing up it tells you that you have to pay to send faxes. Then when you have registered it tells you that you have to pay to read any you have received. So the free bit is a twelve digit number that is absolutely useless unless you pay up. Thanks for that, eFax - Ever thought of working for a living?

  961 15:43 16 Jan 2004

Tiscali offer a free incoming fax service which I have used for around a year and found most useful because of course you do not need to leave your computer switched on and the faxes arrive by e-mail

It is free to those with a dial up Tiscali account although naturally those who send you a fax pay for their call

  Stuartli 15:59 16 Jan 2004

"..ever thought of working for a living?"

The firm is providing a service, which you seem to believe should be free.....:-)

Would you be prepared to work for nothing? No, I didn't think so.

As 961 points out, Tiscali does offer a free fax to e-mail service taking a small cut of the cost of the phone calls for the faxes sent to you; I use it after my original supplier, FaxMe, which worked on the same principle, packed up about 18 months ago.

It is one of the very few free fax to e-mail services now available, so you may well have to pay for a service if you are not a Tiscali subscriber.

  Bing of Bedford 16:11 16 Jan 2004

I believe it should be free if they say it is. Anyway much thanks for the responses, I will investigate.

  DieSse 23:25 16 Jan 2004

I have had, and use, for some four or five years now, the FREE efax reception service. It is free - I pay nothing (but have to accept the odd advert faxed to me). They have always made it clear that sending faxes is a cost option.

I beleive they now may only offer the free reception service from time to time - but if you do get to sign up for it, it does stay free.

Here click here# they unequivocally say you can have a free number - I'm not going to try it, as I alraedy have one - but why should you doubt it? NB it is only available with an 0870 number - other numbers are charged for.

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