faulty wireless keyboard

  iqs 22:16 17 Feb 2008

Hello.Im after some advice before I go back to Pc World tomorrow with my faulty wireless keyboard adaptor please.It was supplied with my Acer Pc.

The adaptor only works when in certain positions.If you push it to the right when plugged in for example.
I bought the Pc last month ,21st.

What are my rights,and whats the best way to handle to situation please.


  Kemistri 22:29 17 Feb 2008

In simple terms, the fault is demonstrably inherent from the time of purchase (less than six months old), it does not meet reasonable standards, and therefore you have a right to a refund or replacement at your discretion. In this case, as it is apparently one peripheral part of a larger package (there is a lack of information there about exactly how this was purchased), a replacement would be the obvious sensible option.

  iqs 12:10 18 Feb 2008

Hello Kemistri,thanks for the help.And sorry for the lack of info,I was rushing last night to post the thread.

Update:According to the customer services member of staff,they don't keep spare parts for keyboards,and they can't open a new box and take out the part.
I was told to phone the techguys.I did,and they are sending out a new adaptor.I should receive it by Wednesday,fingers crossed.

Is this the norm?.

I must add the chap in Pc World this morning,I have dealt with many times,he has always been very helpful.


  Kemistri 13:43 18 Feb 2008

I cannot comment about what may be the norm for PCW, but I can tell you that it cannot ignore your consumer rights. You have a sub-standard product that is not fit for the purpose for which it was intended (by you and by the seller) and therefore you have a right to redress. Helpful is great, but PCW needs to fix your problem and put you back into the situation in which you expected to be (with a functioning keyboard) without putting any obstacles in your way. They are for PCW to overcome.

If this new receiver is no better, then it will have to sort the issue by other means, since you have generously given them an opportunity to fix the fault. Which is why I was (and still am) curious to know the nature of the purchase -- was this a standard part of the complete PC that you purchased or did you pick it up off the shelf at the time?

  iqs 17:11 18 Feb 2008


The keyboard was included with the Acer Pc,modal L3600,minus the monitor,£300

Hope the link works.Cheers

click here=

  Kemistri 17:30 18 Feb 2008

That would normally be seen, legally speaking, as a complete package -- a single entity. So, in the hopefully unlikely event that the new receiver makes no difference and PCW cannot provide another solution, you might possibly have to reject the whole package. If you can't type reliably, that becomes a pretty significant flaw.

But that is only a worst-case hypothesis and, hopefully, the original receiver was just faulty (or perhaps the keyboard itself is faulty) and it can be resolved one way or another.

  iqs 14:33 20 Feb 2008


The replacement keyboard arrived this morning when stated.

But,the techguys sent out the wrong keyboard...The keyboard supplied with the Pc,had a touch pad built in.
The one they sent was a standard acer wireless keyboard.

I phoned the techguys,they informed me the keyboard sent was the one listed for that Pc modal.There was no acer keyboards with a touch pad available??.

They also said perhaps the Pc World I bought it from changed the keyboard?.And to phone customer services,because thay cant assist .

Phoned customer services,the lady I spoke to said ,go back to Pc world and see what they can do.Explained to her that they don't keep spares and that they would not open a new Pc.....Go back to Pc World.So I did.

The chap I spoke to in Pc World checked,and there is a wireless keyboard with touch pad listed,but it can only be obtained from acer direct.
He has arranged through techguys to order it from acer.It will take upto 2 weeks.

Your thoughts please.Cheers

  iqs 12:29 28 Feb 2008

I have received the second replacement keyboard ,and its the same one as before.Not happy..

I have just returned the Pc and had a full refund.

I believe I gave Pc World adequate time to address the problem.Another bad experience,in my opinion.

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