Faulty Phone

  Jameslayer 20:16 29 Mar 2011

Hi I have contract with a phone company and my phone has developed a fault. I have spoke to them on the phone and they have said its out of its six month warranty but within samsungs warranty. They have said they will send me a letter for prof of purchase but I need to take the issue up with them.

This will be the second time the same model of phone has developed the same fault I like the phone model when it works but I would prefer a diffrnt model.

What options if any do I have. I understand may not be easy as you don't have access to the contract.

  birdface 20:35 29 Mar 2011

Always thought that you got 1 year warranty with new phones.
I know I did with my Nokia phone.

  Terry Brown 20:38 29 Mar 2011

Why have a contract phone - or is a company phone with mini switchboard?.

An ordinary phone costs so little, that in a short time any money you will have paid for the phone is recovered by not paying the contract cost.


  Jameslayer 23:27 29 Mar 2011

The price for contract was as good value for replacing it with a smilear level phone

  carver 08:13 30 Mar 2011

The contract is with the phone company and as long as the contract runs they have the responsibility to either repair or replace the phone.

Don't get fobbed of with their excuses, I don't know how long your contract is but how ever long it is, that is how long the phone is guaranteed for.

If they refuse to repair it then they are in breech of contract because you can no longer use the phone for what is was intended for.

Who is the contract with because they should have terms and conditions on their website.

  birdface 09:14 30 Mar 2011

Unless things have changed you should still have the 1 year warranty that comes with the phone.
I used to take mine to the Nokia factory in Huntingdon and wait while they repaired it.
If they could not repair it while I was there they would post it on to me when they did.
The warranty for the phone would be from the makers and not from whom you get the signal but of course Things may have changed.

  birdface 09:22 30 Mar 2011

It is only the phone battery that has the 6 months warranty according to this.
The phone will have the 12 months.
maybe contact them and see what they say.

click here

  spuds 13:13 30 Mar 2011

The problem with a number of contracts is that they are with the retailer and not the phone manufacture or even service provider. The manufacturer as no legal obligation to repair or replace, its basically a goodwill gesture on part of the manufacturer and possibly their good name.

Recently there as been quite a few horror stories about contracts, especially with those that offer money back payments. Quite a number of small outlets got into the swing of mobile phones, then got out of their depth when things started to go wrong, hence the 'nothing to do with us attitude'.

Your rights Consumer Direct click here

  Jameslayer 15:09 30 Mar 2011

lots of links will read them all later.
Current faults with the phone are:
-poor signal
-failure to send texts randomly
-failure to receive pic messages
-failure to receive sim update messages
-failure to always send my voice. So I can hear the other end but they cant hear me.

  Terry Brown 19:58 30 Mar 2011

All of those problems are related to a bad signal in your area.

This link will tell you the signal strength you should recieve in your area.
click here

  Jameslayer 20:04 30 Mar 2011

I have been with orange for almost 10 years and never had a problem in those locations. I tested the pub one in the pub all of us on orange and I was the only one having trouble.

On that checker it said excellent for all things.

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