Faulty LG External DVD RW from Pc World

  iqs 19:24 06 Oct 2006

Good Evening,

On the 5/08/06 I purchased a LG DVDRW from Pc World.
The past month I have had nothing but problems,to many to list.I have tried to correct the faults,update,re-installing the software ete etc,but no luck.
So tomorrow I will be taking it back to Pc World.I would either like an exchange or a refund.
Because the unit is only 2 months old, what are my options?.And what are Pc World obliged to do?.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this thread.
Kind regards,Mike

  Totally-braindead 19:27 06 Oct 2006

As far as I know because it has been over 28 days you are entitled to either a replacement drive or a credit note. I do not think legally you are entitled to a refund though they may make that an option. I think a lot depends on the manager.

  vitrocmax 19:43 06 Oct 2006

During the 2 months you have been trying to get it working, have you asked for assistance at PCW, or advised them you are having problems?

I would have thought to 'go your own way' without telling PCW that a problem existed wouldn't help your case when you go for a refund.

They might just try it on one of their test rigs and show it working, in which case you might find out if it genuinely is faulty.

You must have tremendous patience to leave it 2 months.

Good Luck, especially on a Saturday (or is that why you chose a Saturday, like I did when I took something back to Argos and claimed it was faulty - they were too busy to argue and just gave me a refund!).

  iqs 20:53 06 Oct 2006

Hi Totally-braindead and vitromax ,and thanks for your help.

I did consider returning the unit about four weeks ago when the faults first surfaced.

Before I paid Pc World a visit, I decided to identify and correct, if possible the faults.I was hoping it was software related not hardware.But I was wrong.

From previous vists to Pc World ,and similar threads posted on this site ,I know Pc World would advise that the software is un-installed,and drivers updated first.This is why it took about four weeks before making the decision to return the unit.

Hopefully my visit tomorrow will be painless.I will keep Informed.

Once again thanks for your assistance.Cheers,Mike

  Dizzy Bob 22:00 06 Oct 2006


An external DVD writer will be refunded or exchanged as long as it is in the 12 month warranty.

There is no repair option on these devices.

Hope it goes smoothly.


  spuds 22:27 06 Oct 2006

Agree with Dizzy Bob, under consumer law you should have a replacement or refund, if the item is faulty, and not fit for the purpose. The PC World 28 day returns arrangement is an extra addition to your consumer rights provided by PCW.

  BRYNIT 22:40 06 Oct 2006

As it is an external DVD-RW they may plug it into a computer in the work shop first.

If it is found to be faulty they will offer an exchange for the same or equal value DVD-RW. If you wanted the same model but it is not available they will offer a refund.

If it works without problems you will not get an exchange as the problem is possibly software.

An explanation of the problems you are having may help us help you get the DVD-RW working.

  Stuartli 23:38 06 Oct 2006

>>They might just try it on one of their test rigs and show it working, in which case you might find out if it genuinely is faulty.>>

I completely fail to make any sense of this statement.

  Stuartli 23:41 06 Oct 2006

Any optical drive requires only the basic Windows CDOM driver - the function of a rewriter is controlled by the burning software.

  iqs 12:34 07 Oct 2006

Hello All,

Today Pc World were very helpful regarding my faulty DVD RW.

I explained why I was returning the unit,I described the faults in detail and what action I have undertaken my self to solve these faults.

The salesman was very understanding and was more then happy to offer an exchange.I asked if it would be possible to pay the difference and purchase a different DVDRW.

I decided to go for a Liteon modal.Cost an extra £5.

So far everything seems ok with the drive.The only minor issue I have was that one of the disc's was missing.It was Liteon's own disc.

They opened 5 boxes until they found a disc????.
Lets hope they contact the supplier,and all the incomplete products are removed from the sales floor.

A big thank you to you for your help and advice.It was appreciated.Cheers.Mike

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