Faulty Evesham PC

  iqs 11:07 22 Apr 2007

For reference see click here

I received my PC last Tuesday.From day one I was experiencing the same problem.All the desktop icons/toolbar would not appear.

I contacted their tech dept,actioned their advice,problem still persists.Posted the above thread for assistance,thank you all.

Contacted Evesham this morning,was told to phone Monday morning.

How do I stand legally.Can ask for a full refund,is there a time frame which they must adhere to for the refund.

Can I request a replacement PC,can I reqest the new PC within a agreed time?.

Thank you

  HondaMan 11:32 22 Apr 2007

I believe that you have an absolute right to return the goods within 7 days of receipt.

See this link for some useful info

click here


  iqs 11:39 22 Apr 2007


The seven days expires tomorrow.I plan to phone first thing.

The lady I spoke to from Evesham said I could have a full refund,great.But I would sooner have another PC.

What ever happens the PC will be returned.Will Evesham cover the collection/return fee?.


  Colin 12:05 22 Apr 2007

Forgive me if Evesham have already asked you to try this, but do you just have the desktop background and no icons at all and no task bar/tool bar? If so, have you right clicked the desktop and selected show desktop icons? Also, does the toolbar appear when you place your mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen? If so, when the tool bar appears, right click it and select properties then uncheck auto hide the taskbar.

  iqs 12:21 22 Apr 2007

I have already tried your suggestion.

When the OS loads,you have the desktop image only.There are no desktop icons,no toolbar.You cant even access Task Manger.

When it finally loads correctly,(it tock 7 attempts this morning)all the correct options are ticked in desktop properties.

When I phone Evesham I will ask for a new replacement PC.

Thank you for your help.Cheers

  wjrt 19:19 22 Apr 2007

the 7 days are 7 working days starting from the day after you receive the goods so you will be well within the time limit ie not including weekends

  iqs 19:42 22 Apr 2007

wjrt,and thanks for your comments.

I hope Eveshams aftercare service is just as good as the comments stated by other forum users.


  iqs 17:12 23 Apr 2007

Phoned Evesham again today.Spoke to another tech advisor who guided me through a procedure to restore the PC back to how it was when received.It was not restored back to factory pre-sets,just an to an image that was created my PC Angel.So far its working well,so far.

When I bought from Evesham,I paid for the Platinum 3 yrs in home parts and labour guarantee.This cost £99.
I was informed by the sales team,then buy the tech advisor that the PC would have to be retruned for repair.If the current repair failed.

I thought that the PC would be repaired in home,like the Platinum cover states.I have sent Evesham an e-mail regarding this issue.

Can anyone clarify what the guarantee covers?.So I know for next time.


  iqs 15:22 24 Apr 2007

I hope.I will close the thread.Thank you all for your help.Cheers

  Flak999 15:42 24 Apr 2007

I think you will find that Eveshams on-site warranty covers Hardware problems not software ones.

I have an Evesham PC as well and have never had a problem getting on-site support for hardware issues.

I do think it depends who you speak to at tech support as to whether they ask for the machine to be returned for software problems.

  bfoc 23:38 24 Apr 2007

Which was nearly 3 years old developed a fault and was not displaying any visual output she was told that it would have to be taken away, despite her on-site warranty. I spoke to Evesham and discovered that this was because her 'old' graphics card and motherboard were not compatible with models Evesham then stocked. What they wanted to do was to replace the motherboard and upgrade her video card.

However, my daughter was in the last few weeks of her dissertation and so couldn't be without her computer. I therefore agreed with Evesham that I'd arrange a cheap graphics card that would do until she had finished her dissertation and Evesham would do the upgrade(s) after that. I thought that seemed a really good solution.

Mind you when the graphics card arrived the machine still wouldn't display and then just died. It turned out that it wasn't the graphics card at all.. the power supply had been dying and then packed in entirely. Evesham came out and replaced the power supply. The computer, with original graphics card, worked fine.

So sometimes, whatever the warranty, there can be good reasons for something going back to base.

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