faulty asus laptop from pc world

  sheilahobley 01:11 29 May 2009

Just over a year ago I went to local PC world to purchase a new desktop as ours had crashed and burned! Somehow i was talked into purchasing a laptop (asus X53S series). I told the assistant that our pc was used for gaming and online browser games and was switched on 24/7 almost. She assured me that the asus was a great gaming computer and more than powerful enough for our needs. Whilst i was there i was also talked into a new wireless printer (lexmark x4580) and a mobile wireless dongle thing that i have never used! I honestly thought i had to have one to use the laptop..I am not too technical a person, so I took a two year contract with vodafone(no freebies).
The laptop started switching itself off after about 6 months. At first this was random and I thought it was saving electricity and going into something like a sleep mode. Then it started doing it when I was in the middle of college work. It doesnt shut down properly..it just switches off suddenly and then won't switch back on and gives me messages like crash memory dump.
Just before the laptop was a year old, I contacted pc world to tell them there was a problem. They told me to send the laptop away for repair under the guarantee which I did. Pc world told me that the laptop was overheating and switching off to save the hardware. This made sense as the laptop was very noisy even when it was sitting idle and it was extremely hot(we did have a cooling fan and tray).
I sent laptop away with courier and a week later received it back.."returned as received - no problem" written on the receipt by repair team.
I rang them immediately and told them I wasn't happy and they said they must have overlooked the laptop and made a mistake. I sent it back and the same thing happened again and same message on receipt. Contacted pc world who just don't want to know..i have an exteneded warranty that i paid for when i purchased the laptop and as the laptop is under warranty, they say it is not their problem it is up to the tech people to sort it.
I have twice been without any pc or laptop when the repairs were supposedly happening. My laptop is still overheating and having problems switching off. It gets really noisy with fans before it goes off.
I think i have been mis sold this laptop. I am not happy at all with the performance and i just dont think it is up to the job of being a full time computer for a family of 5. Adding insult to injury, i find the attitude of the store terrible and the tech guys are useless...they still havent even opened up the laptop to take a look..i did confirm that on the phone with them..in fact they couldnt find a work report on my laptop..so twice they are saying that it has been overlooked and missed.
Where do i stand legally. I would like to give them the laptop back and swap it for a desktop or have my money back so I dont have to deal with pc world again. Pc world told me they will only replace it within first month of purchase after that it is up to tech guys and warrantys.

  ened 07:08 29 May 2009

It seems there are two issues here.

Firstly you were sold an apparently inappropriate machine with extras you didn't need/want!

Also you have a faulty unit.

At this stage I would think the most important aspect is to get you up and running properly.

The mis-selling you will probably have to put down to experience.

In the first instance I would make a list of your specific problems and the actions that have been taken and go into the store and demand to be able to talk to the manager.

Hopefully he will be able to come up with a compromise solution.

There are many other options available to you but they will all take time and, it seems to me, you just want to get fully operational again as quickly as possible.

  spuds 18:24 29 May 2009

I would think that you have two options.

(1) Send a brief but to the point letter to DGS Retail Ltd Maylands Avenue Hemel Hempstead Herts HP2 7TG

(2) Consumer Direct click here

  Forum Editor 08:53 30 May 2009

they will only replace it within first month of purchase after that it is up to tech guys and warrantys."

Well, they are misinforming you.

When you bought this computer you entered into a contract with Pc World, not with The tech Guys, or Asus, or anyone else, and PC World is obliged to you under the terms of current consumer law. In the first place it would appear that you were given unsatisfactory advice - you went to the store to buy a desktop machine, and were sold a laptop. Anyone who says that a laptop is suitable in a situation where it will be running on a 24/7 basis is misinforming you - that's not what laptops are for at all. You were also talked into buying something you didn't need - the mobile wireless adapter. They are excellent devices for those who take a laptop on the road, but you don't need one for a machine that sits at home all the time.

There's no legal definition of mis-selling, but on the face of it you were talked into buying the wrong machine for your needs.

Nevertheless, PC World is under an obligation to sell you something that is fit for its purpose, and a laptop which fails to run without crashing within a year of purchase may not be fit for purpose, if the crashes are caused by overheating. You are perfectly justified in expecting PC World to remedy the fault, and I advise you to tell them so in no uncertain terms. They are obliged to remedy the fault under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act, and they may not try to avoid that obligation by passing you on to a third party - they must deal with it themselves.

  AL47 12:37 30 May 2009

thats pretty disgusting really, only this month my uncle bought norton, inet security, luckily he didnt open it, so got a refund, its seems all too easy for these shops/companies to do this, needs too change

  qbie 14:24 31 May 2009

I fail to see what you mean AL47, whats wrong with PC World selling Norton Internet Security?

Even if he bought it with a new laptop, I still see nothing wrong - it's good practice to have a decent AV program and Norton 2009 is the best product they've made in over 5 years.

  cruiser2 15:58 31 May 2009

Hi Sheilahobley,
I bought a Lexmark All In One from PC World and a three year warranty. Just before it ended, the hinges on the paper tray broke. They were very flimsy. So I took it back to the store I had originally bought it from. After some discussion, I eventually got a replacement. Got an Epson All in One which inclued a fax. Better than the Lexmark. A broken line started appearing in the text when it was printing. Took it to a local Epson service unit who gave me another one. After a month of use it would not print colour.
So last Monday it was back to PC World. They accepted my word that it was not printing colour. Had taken A4 paper and new inks to prove my point. No printer in stock so they ordered one from another store. This arrived Thursday afternoon and I picked it up in the evening.
So I have had good servce from PC World.
Be polite and firm. Mention the Sale of Goods Act and that the laptop is not fit for purpose as you specifically said before you boiught it it would beon continually.
There has been a recent report where a customer took a TV set back to Tesco after 18 months. After a meqaninful discussion and a phone call to Tesco HO he got a new TV.
Hope you are successful in sorting your problem

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